Introducing our new downtime and fleet savings calculator!

Anticipate your Downtime.

Driven by a goal to empower our customers, we’re always challenging ourselves to develop new ways to keep you productive and profitable. Over the years we’ve dedicated our efforts to understanding filter performance and the effects of unplanned downtime. While we’ve grown to accept that maintenance is a way of life; we’ve designed a calculator to predict hurdles impacting your equipment and earnings.

Planning is good, Knowing is better.

The difference between planned and unplanned maintenance can range from routine quality control to a completely halted operation. Our “Senzit Savings Calculator” is here to help you understand which predictive maintenance program is right for you. By answering a couple of unique-to-you questions about your equipment and habits, the calculator will predict how much downtime you can expect and where there is an opportunity to save.

Equipment downtime can grind your operation to a complete stop, fortunately, our savings calculator is here to help. Introduce us to your setup by answering a couple of questions and let the Senzit Savings Calculator do the rest.

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