Senzit Connect Pilot Program

Welcome! This page contains everything you need to know about Senzit Connect, how it works, and FAQs.


Take Control Of Your Vehicle Maintenance

For the Head of Maintenance (HoM), Senzit Connect is a digital application providing insights into the needs and maintenance of your family fleet.


Plug & Play

Connect and monitor your vehicle in minutes. Download the app, find the OBD II port, plug in Senzit Connect, sync the app, and you’re ready to go! (For gas-powered vehicles 1996+ and diesel powered vehicles 2003+)

Set Custom Reminders

Never miss an oil change or filter replacement ever again. Set the reminders you need to maintain optimal vehicle health. With custom reminders you get remote visibility into the needs of every vehicle in your home.

Decode & Clear the Check Engine Lights

Connect tells you in plain language what your diagnostic code means, the severity of the problem, and allows you to clear the light when the issue is resolved. (does not include TPMS, ABS, airbag, and oil indicators)

No Subscription

That’s right, with Senzit Connect the only purchase you make is the one here. The Senzit Connect sensor comes with full access to the mobile app, making auto maintenance more convenient than ever.

How to Get Started

Download the Senzit Connect App on Your Mobile Phone.

Available via the App Store and Google Play.

Create Your Account

Sign up for a Senzit Connect account on the initial sign up screen.

Select Register a Connect OBD II Sensor

After you register, follow the setup steps on your screen.

Plug Sensor into the OBII Port

Start your vehicle, plus the sesor into the OBD II port, and double-check to make sure you phone’s bluetooth is turned on.

Click Scan Now

Your vehicle should now be added to your account! Follow the next steps to setup your personal service intervals for your Oil Filter, Air Filter and Cabin Air Filter.



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  1. Where is my OBD II port?
    OBD II ports are generally located at the front of the vehicle in one of 3 places, under the dash to the left or right of the steering wheel, or in the center console / glove box area.
  2. Which direction do I plug in the Senzit Connect sensor?
    The Senzit Connect sensor and OBD II port are designed to only plug in one way, if you are having trouble plugging it in, try rotating it around and reinserting.
    Disclaimer: If the sensor is not installed the mileage estimation accuracy will be reduced.
  3. Can I leave the Senzit Connect sensor plugged in always?
    Yes, the sensor draws minimal power and is designed to be plugged in all the time.  If you have a door that covers your OBD II port that cannot be closed with it installed, you can remove the Senzit Connect sensor when not in use.
    Disclaimer: The sensor draws a very small amount of power. THis should not be noticed during normal vehicular operation. However, if you let the vehicle sit for extended periods of time (6+ weeks), there is a chance for battery drain.
  4. What vehicles are supported by Senzit Connect?
    Any gasoline-powered passenger vehicle sold in the US model year 1996 and newer. Any diesel-powered passenger vehicle sold in the US model year 2008 and newer.
  5. During the initial registration scan, the app said my vehicle did not return a VIN.
    Some vehicles model years 1996 – 2005 do not return a VIN through the OBD II port.  For these vehicles you will have to manually type in the VIN or select the Year/Make/Model from the drop down list during device registration.
    Disclaimer: Not all vehicles report VIN through the OBD II port. This is especially true for vehicles 1996-2005. If your VIN is not captured by the scan, please manually enter the VIN into the app.
  6. What steps should I follow to register a vehicle with Senzit Connect?
    1. Download the Senzit Connect app from the Apple App Store / Google Play Store
    2. Click “Register new Senzit Connect sensor”
    3. Plug in the Senzit Connect sensor to your OBD II port
    4. Enable your device’s Bluetooth connection
    5. Start your vehicle
    6. Review the intro slides in the app, and then click the blue “Scan Now” button
  1. I received an error that says “Senzit Connect sensor not found.”
    Ensure that your phone’s Bluetooth connection is enabled; also ensure that your Senzit Connect sensor is plugged in correctly.  The sensor works best if you are within 10 feet of it, it will not connect from further distances.
  2. I received an error that says it could not communicate with my vehicle.
    Unplug and replug the Senzit Connect sensor to reset it.  Make sure that your engine is running.  The sensor can only communicate with the vehicle if the vehicle’s CAN network is active, which requires a running engine.
  3. I received an error that said “VIN mismatch.”
    Senzit Connect scans your vehicle and checks the VIN number to ensure that we are scanning the correct vehicle.  If you are trying to register a new vehicle, go to Senzit Connect Quick Start and register a new vehicle.  If you are performing a courtesy scan of someone else’s vehicle, it only returns back data if the check engine light is on.  If you are scanning a vehicle in an area with multiple vehicles with Senzit Connect sensors, you may need to unplug the 2nd sensor, or increase the distance between the vehicles.  Senzit Connect connects to the device that it measures the strongest signal from during a scan.
  4. My vehicle has a “Service Required” dash light, but the app scan says no check engine lights detected.
    Some OEMs have other lights to track things like scheduled maintenance, oil life remaining, etc.  These lights are not the same as a “Check Engine Light” and may not return error codes during an engine scan.
  5. I performed a “Clear” scan to turn off my check engine light, but it remained on after the scan.
    Some check engine codes are marked as “Permanent” by the engine control unit and cannot be cleared manually through the OBD II port.  These engine codes require several full driving cycles to clear after the issue is repaired.
  6. Can I pass a vehicle safety / emissions inspection after clearing my check engine light with Senzit Connect?
    No.  The process of clearing a check engine light also clears the Readiness Monitors which are required to be completed prior to a safety / emissions inspection.  You cannot use Senzit Connect to clear check engine codes to pass inspection.
  1. Why does the image not look like my vehicle and/or color?
    Unfortunately, we do not currently have images of all vehicles in all colors. We are working to update this.
    Your vehicle image may be available in a different color other than yours if you try to select alternate colors.
  2. How do I remove/delete a vehicle?
    On the Vehicle List section of the app, you will see your vehicles. To remove/delete a vehicle, select the “trash can” symbol located directly next to your vehicle on the right hand side.
  3. How is mileage calculated?
    Data is utilized from the OBD II sensor to determine the distance traveled which is added to the initial mileage of the vehicle that you entered during the setup process.
  4. What are Safety Recalls?
    A Safety Recall occurs when the vehicle manufacturer or the NHTSA determines that there is a safety related issue with a particular vehicle make & model that needs attention. Typically the repairs are completed free of charge at the vehicle manufacturer dealership.
  5. How do I add a new vehicle to my account?
    On the Vehicle List section of the app, simply select the “+” at the top right of the screen and follow the on screen prompts.
  6. Will this sensor work with multiple vehicles?
    Yes the sensor will work with multiple vehicles, but we recommend that you use a dedicated sensor for each of your vehicles to be able to accurately track the maintenance of each.
  7. Can I create an account without a sensor?
    Yes, just select “Continue without registering a sensor.”
  8. Do I need to pay a subscription to use Senzit Connect?
    There are no additional fees after purchase of the Senzit Connect sensor.

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