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Why do I need to monitor my filter?
It only takes eight ounces of dirt to destroy the engine of a heavy-duty machine. The air filter is your engine's primary defense against dust and dirt. Engine air filters that are packed or damaged can go unnoticed for a long time while damage accumulates. By monitoring your air filter, you can ensure your engine is protected and running at maximum performance.
How does my phone pair to Senzit?
Senzit is paired to your phone by scanning the QR code assigned to each device. Data is uploaded to the cloud directly from the Senzit monitor using a built-in cellular connection. You can access your Senzit’s information on your Senzit mobile app from anywhere.
What engines and filters does Senzit work with?
Senzit is compatible with nearly all diesel engines. Senzit works for any brand of air filter, as long as the device can be attached to the air filter housing.
Can the same Senzit monitor be paired with multiple phones?
Senzit monitors can be paired with multiple mobile devices (phones and tablets) to enable each person responsible for the vehicle have visibility into the air filter condition. Customers will be able to define the permissions allowing fleet managers, operators, and mechanics to simultaneously monitor their vehicles.
Can Senzit be installed if I already have something installed on the port of the air filter housing?
Yes, the Senzit can be installed in addition to other devices currently installed on the air filter housing. Simply use a “T” fitting to have both products installed in parallel.
Should I replace my filter when I install the Senzit hardware?
Yes. Senzit learns the usage habits of your equipment and formulates individual algorithms customized to your machine and usage. Therefore, Senzit assumes that the filter is fresh when the hardware is installed. The initial use of an old filter as well as the failure to notify of either changing or cleaning the equipment’s air filter can negatively affect the performance of senzit.
Do I connect Senzit directly to the battery?
No. Due to the hardware broadcasting a cellular signal, the unit draws power. While the amount is small the hardware has the potential to drain a battery over an extended period. It is suggested to connect the Senzit hardware power lead to a fused switched ignition source.
Are there any concerns with heat damaging the housing/internals of the Senzit device when installed inside an engine housing?
The operating temperature of Senzit is -13°F to 176°F (-25°C to +80°C). However, Senzit should NOT be mounted on or next to hot air piping (e.g. near a turbo charger). Senzit must be installed on the low-pressure side of turbo/super chargers.
What is the warranty policy?
Senzit hardware comes with a standard 1 year WIX warranty.
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