Mini-Series: Install Anywhere, Anytime


Endless installation potential


Do you or your customers have fleets of varied branded vehicles? Can’t find a digital maintenance tool compatible with every piece of equipment in your fleet? Senzit HD provides its services on any piece of equipment regardless of brand or makes, saving you from spending money on numerous telematics services and further reduce downtime costs. The installation process is simple and easy!


As you may know, many predictive/preventive maintenance tools in the industry cannot operate for all brands. Most of the industry tends to give their efforts towards OBDII or CAN-based installation, which may hinder full fleet compatibility.


With Senzit’s sleek product, we provide a direct installation that can hook up anywhere and anytime. A product and sales expert will be on the job site to help you with a fast and easy setup. However, if unavailable due to location distance, our product manual both physically and digitally allows for ease of installation.



Smart operation in almost any climate


Along with the “what”, another feature of this innovative product is the “where”.


Senzit HD works in any climate or environment, with our product handbook highlighting its limits at -13° to 176°F (-25° to 80°C). This provides for a very wide range of device operating temperatures, which permits you as a customer to not worry about environmental or atmospheric issues.


How about that for simple and effective?


Financial benefits of easy installation


On the financial side of things, picking Senzit already saves you money just because of the direct installation type in comparison to other products’ OBDII or CAN-based diagnostic ports. According to industry competitor DriveELD,


Generally light and medium-duty trucks use OBDII ports whereas heavy-duty trucks use 6-pin or 9-pin ports. Volvo and Mack trucks with OBDII ports use a different, more heavy-duty cable.


For CAN-based diagnostic ports (9-pin) to work with all-sized equipment, as well as OBDII ports (16-pin), they would need to buy adapters if they are not already included in their product packaging. Not only is this inefficient and costly, but it’s a lot more difficult than Senzit’s plug-and-use direct installation. Imagine buying 200 units for your fleet and needing to buy an extra 100 adapters for your lightweight equipment!


Senzit also offers the ability to cut downtime costs by viewing air filtration analytics and predicting the lifespan of your equipment’s HVAC systems. Other telematics features are included as well to help you manage your fleet better, including advanced engine hours and real-time GPS.




Make the switch now!


By now you should already know that the heavy-duty industry can have its downfalls when it comes to unplanned downtime, the difficulty of managing an entire fleet, and getting the necessary analytics for your equipment. With a digital maintenance tool, these problems can be eliminated.


Not to mention the fact that there is a potential financial gain over using different branded products. Increased return on investment without needing to buy port adapters for each unit, while also cutting downtime costs is oh-so-great!


Today has never been a greater day to partner with Senzit HD for a specialized predictive maintenance solution, allowing you to view your fleet equipment’s air filtration health and dust load percentage along with branded alerts and location services. All of this and more with our easy-to-use and easy-to-install digital tool.


Make the change now.




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