Municipalities Mini-Series: Government Fleets

Welcome back to the second installment of our mini-series on municipality applications with Senzit’s predictive maintenance platform. Government fleets are perfect for preventive, and better yet, PREDICTIVE maintenance. Whether you just want to track employee’s routes, create maintenance schedules, monitor filters in heavy-dust environments, or up your security tools, a predictive maintenance telematics platform is what you need 

Local governments and city centers have budgets to watch too! Service bills, stolen property, and out-of-service vehicles shouldn’t eat into the money you need for other projects.

5 Benefits of Smart Telematics for Government Fleets: 

1. No out-of-service vehicles.

  • Predictive maintenance platforms alert you BEFORE you need maintenance, allowing you to schedule any costly repairs before failure. This means you can plan your fleet around vehicles that may be down for service, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.  
  • Senzit’s predictive maintenance platform uses machine learning and a delta-p algorithm to intelligently learn the specific machine it’s installed on. This is how it can accurately predicwhen you NEED maintenance and not just because you’ve hit a predetermined interval.  

2. Accurate location tracking. 

  • Smart telematics solutions can assist you in communicating between different departments in your town’s government. With a platform that can monitor live GPS data on all equipment, you can easily see where each vehicle or machine is being operated. It’s also a great security tool! Some platforms can show you if the equipment is powered on when it shouldn’t be, helping you crackdown on crime and rogue employees.  
  • To find a platform with each of these features is not easy…but Senzit has them all (plus a few more goodies). Senzit’s GPS readout in the web portal and mobile app pinpoints exactly where your fleets are at all times. This helps you easily forward information on whereabouts to the needed colleague or department.  

3. Filter health monitoring for critical equipment. 

  • More than likely, you’re tasked with the management of a variety of equipment in your city. Whether it’s the routinely operated broom trucks or the rarely used crisis equipment, each asset’s needs are different when it comes to filter health. A broom truck’s filter will be used up MUCH faster than your city counselor’s fleet vehicle due to its high dust load environments and routine operation. A predictive maintenance platform with machine learning knows these differences and can alert you before service is needed. No more changing filters too late or too soon…implementing a machine-learning platform is the way to go.  
  • Senzit’s smart filter health monitoring has easy-to-read displays showing you the percentage of filter health your equipment has used. You can take this information to create customized maintenance schedules for all your equipment. After all, the needs of your city’s fire trucks and ambulances will differ from disaster response vehicles. This saves your money and prolongs the life of your fleets.  

4. Fleets that last longer. 

  • Without a predictive maintenance platform to track needed service, your fleets could be silently deteriorating beneath your nose. Without a doubt, we know your equipment is important to you and crucial to keep your town running smoothly. Your on-road vehicle fleets, department vehicles, and various equipment are all quite expensive. With government operations, it takes great lengths of time to acquire the funds to purchase these fleets in the first place! That’s why you’ll want them to last as long as possible.  
  • Platforms like Senzit help to maximize the longevity of each piece of equipment by monitoring maintenance needs, location, and tons of other parameters. By installing devices such as Senzit to your fleets, you can be proactive about maintaining your fleets. Our platform does all the heavy lifting for you where there is no need to check in on each fleet daily or even weekly! Alerts notify you of needed maintenance per machine and you’re also notified when vehicles are moving outside of operating hours. Now that’s smart! 

5. One-stop shop for all fleet management. 

  • Ideally, you’ll want just one platform that does it all. After all, you have a busy job full of responsivities, and checking up on broom truck fleets isn’t what you’d like to be doing. Having a platform that intelligently learns the vehicle it’s installed on arms you with the confidence that your equipment is having the best care.  
  • Senzit’s predictive maintenance platform offers tons of features for you to take advantage of. Whether it’s the GPS functions to track fleets, smart filter health monitoring to keep them on the road longer, or engine hour monitoring to keep tabs on moving vehicles after hours, Senzit has it all.  

Now that we’ve discussed the top 5 benefits of having a predictive maintenance telematics platform for your municipality, we hope you’ve seen the benefits! Being responsible for so many high-value fleets, it’s important to take care of them for the time you own them.  

Predictive maintenance platforms LEARN your equipment and how it’s used with machine-based algorithms. This means you can rest easy knowing you aren’t overpaying for unneeded services or losing precious time on projects. 

From fire department and EMS fleets to town upkeep vehicles and construction machinery, you can track filter health, GPS data, machine hours, and much more with a subscription to Senzit.  

That’s all for now for our mini-series on municipality applications of predictive maintenance platforms! We hope you learned a thing or two about intelligent management of fleets.  

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