What Does it Mean to Operate Intelligently? 

It’s interwoven into everything we write because at the core of our business, it’s who we are. We operate intelligently.  

You can operate intelligently by being a well-prepped cook in the kitchen, or always having an eye on your kids, or even not waiting until the last minute to refuel your car! The essence of this phrase means that you’re creating something that provides additional value to something else. In the world of Senzit, we help you operate intelligently by translating real-time data and machine learning into something of value to you: minimized unplanned downtime, extended life of equipment, and monitorization tools 

Whether you act as the reseller with a sales and service department or you’re a fleet manager of heavy-duty operations, Senzit can help!  

On the Reseller Side:  

*Pictured above: Two of our current resellers, Carolina Powertrain’s Hickory, NC location and Vick Maintenance, Co.  

You can become a Reseller Partner and have new customer insight paired with branded service scheduling remindersLocation data, predictive maintenance reminders, and filter life are all things you can see from your client’s operations. Then, when appropriate, you can set up app/web notifications to be sent at just the right time with your logo attached. This not only reminds the customer of their upcoming needed services but also provides an additional touchpoint, reminding them to do service with you! Client data is valuable in a world where big data rules and Senzit makes this easy to read and easy to setup.  

On the Fleet Manager Side:

You can bridge the gap between guessing and overpaying for service by utilizing our predictive maintenance platform to increase uptime and reduce organizational waste. You get on-time reminders for needed service which allows you to intelligently schedule equipment for the least amount of downtimeWith additional benefits like security monitoring, filter life, and location data, you can feel confident that you are maximizing the value of your company’s fleet.  

Predictive maintenance and machine-based learning is the future. With companies like Caterpillar and John Deere offering pricey services of their own, this is where Senzit shines. Operating intelligently not only means using data to its full benefit, but also saving money where you can! Our monitoring platform offers the same services for a fraction of the cost… 

AND it works with fleets of all brands collectively, showing you aggregated data as a whole!  

Whether you’re actively managing a fleet, or in search of predictive maintenance tools to add to your salesfloor that drives additional traffic, Senzit is perfect for you.  

This is how we operate intelligently. This is Senzit.

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