Need to improve your preventative maintenance program while increasing uptime? Here's how to do it.

Based in Washington State, Garco Construction had a legacy that stretched back to 1978. Their client portfolio included high-profile organizations, such as Gonzaga University, Spokane International Airport, and the US Army Corps of Engineers.

Key to Garco’s success was its mixed fleet, consisting over 200 machines and a rock-solid fleet operations team.

The problem:

Garco did not have a strict maintenance program in place. And they had little visibility into a critical aspect of fleet management: air filter replacements and the location of vehicles in real-time.

Download the case study and see how their Shop Foreman built a maintenance program from scratch and reduced unplanned downtime by 75%!


“It’s all right there on the screen, which is drastically cuts down the amount of hours I would spend trying to find this information out and then being able to schedule my guys out to do the work.”