Pricing &Subscriptions

Premium Plan

Access to our full suite of features so you can keep your fleet running smoothly

Call For Pricing

  • Predict maintenance with remaining air filter life
  • Track your entire fleet with GPS
  • See equipment engine hours across every work-site
  • And more

Basic Plan

Limited access to the web portal, mobile app, and features that provide the most visibility to your fleet.

Complimentary Access

  • Real time GPS and activity history.
  • Know when your equipment is powered on/off
  • Custom alerts and notes
  • Remaining filter life prediction

What's Included in Your Premium Plan

Unlimited Access

  • Get unlimited access to the web portal and mobile app
  • Add unlimited viewers to your devices
  • Authorize viewer privileges and export equipment data

Engine Hours

  • See the engine hours of every machine
  • Predict maintenance from the office or work-site
  • Eliminate manual documentation of engine hours

Equipment Activity History

  • Optimize routes with a equipment trip logs
  • See the machine mileage and trip time
  • View map with route history

Filter Life Prediction

  • Know the remaining hours on your fleets filters
  • See the filter's dust load and exact percentage of use
  • Predict filter replacement with dustload alerts

GPS & Location Services

  • See every machine, across every site
  • Prevent theft and locate lost equipment
  • Get driving directions to last known location

Hours of Operation

  • Know when your equipment is powered on or off
  • Set time windows of expected use to increase profitability and prevent theft
  • Get alerts when equipment is powered on outside of time windows
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“Senzit is helping build our maintenance program. We are getting control of a lot of things and this system is critical to the that.” 

Fleet Manager, GARCO Construction


“The Senzit is a stand alone system that works very well on order as well as new machines. I would recommend this product to any owner-operator or fleet manager.”

Fleet Operations Manager, Overley's

Get Senzit from your local filter supplier!

Part# HDA100
*Exclusively sold in North America and select South American countries. 

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    Senzit hardware with wires

    Get Senzit from your local filter supplier!

    Questions about pricing?Let's talk.