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Calculate how much unplanned downtime is costing your fleet and team with Senzit's downtime calculator.


We believe inmore uptime.

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Senzit saves construction companies 250+ man hours per year.
Maintenance costs account for 30% to 50% of the total cost of ownership for fleets.
Technology adoption can lead to a 70% higher yield on the existing agricultural land.
85% of fleets own 100% of their off-road equipment.
By 2022, telematics devices will be in use across approx. 50% of all North American fleet vehicles.
Preventative maintenance is the largest insourced responsibility in government and trucking fleets.

Keep your fleet running smoothly with these features

Air Filter Monitoring

Remotely monitor your air filter’s dustload percentage and remaining hours of use.

Advanced Engine Hours

Know the engine hours of each machine from your desktop or phone.

Location Services

See every piece of equipment on every job site with GPS.

Trip History

Optimize routes and prevent theft with machine trip history.

Digital Log Book

Record service and maintenance with notes and photo documentation.

Reporting and Analytics

Get actionable insights so you can predict maintenance and avoid emergency repairs.

Senzit hardware with wires

Easily Install on AnyPiece of Equipment

Senzit installs on any equipment make or model, engineered to endure extreme environments and works with any air filter.

*Exclusively sold in North America and select South American countries.