Increase uptime with the industry's first predictive maintenance platform for heavy duty fleets.
Fleet manager
Get a real-time visibility of your fleet's dust load, engine hours, and equipment location with the Senzit app and web portal.
Compatible with all filter brands, Senzit gives you a convenient way to monitor dust load, document vehicle needs, and locate equipment in the field in real-time.
Increase productivity and profitability by eliminating outdated dust filter sensors or manually checking your filter with the Senzit app.

Optimize Maintenance &
Boost Efficiency

Don't let a damaged filter element and outdated technology dictate downtime.
Reduce the chance of engine damage, unscheduled maintenance, and
costly repairs with Senzit's advanced analytics and
custom alert feature. With Senzit, you can monitor your
dust load in real-time saving you time and money.
Preemptively schedule maintenance with condition-based monitoring
Only replace your filter when needed with real-time notifications and customizable alerts
Reduce risk of damaging filter elements due to outdated methods
Avoid unnecessary downtime & save money

Keep your engine safe
save thousands

Excessive build-up in an air filter increases the chance of engine dust
ingestion causing costly damages. Senzit prevents this risk by enabling
air filter monitoring in the palm of your hand.
Optimized Filter replacements maximizes efficiency of air filter usage
Reduce the potential for engine failure and the consequent costs, which exceed $20,000 for many companies
Accurately track operating hours of vehicles to plan and execute preventative maintenance

Condition-based monitoring powered by
advanced analytics and artificial intelligence

By combining the latest in telematics and cloud technology with 75 years of filtration
experience, we provide machine learning algorithms as unique as your environment.
Senzit is onboarded and wireless data is uploaded to the cloud using built-in cellular connection
Advanced anlaytics are individually applied to each machine to calculate reamining filter life
Access the mobile app and webportal to view filter status, engine hours, equipment location, and so much more.

Easy installation for
all major filter brands

Continue using the brands you know and love. Senzit
is equipment agnostic and supports all filters brands. Mount
Senzit directly to the filter service port or remotely
with the remote mount kit included with every purchase.


Monitor and record important
service interval information, such
as oil changes and fuel filter
changes, to get an overview of the
maintenance needs of your entire
* This feature is under development. The
screen here is a demonstration of the product
concept and may not be the final design.


Senzit provides the GPS location
of your vehicle as well as the
vehicle history*. WIth geo-fencing
capabilities, you can receive
alerts when your vehicle
'breaches' the geo-fence.

Take the first step to increase uptime!
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Each Senzit includes the device, free app download, and basic subscription.
Smart Sensor

$199 MSRP

The Unit

Accessory kit for remote
mount installations

Instruction Manual


Web Portal & App

Access to the web portal

Lifetime free air filter status
tracking and app upgrades

Basic app and features always free

$20/mo per device for
premium features.

Product support


Monthly price
Basic Free
Premium 20
Web Portal Access
Dustload Indicator
Dustload Alerts
Basic Engine Hours
Dustload Percentage
Remaining Life Prediction
Activity History
GPS Tracking
Hours of Operation Security
Custom Alerts
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