Can I view the same equipment data from multiple phones?

Equipment data can be viewed with multiple mobile devices to enable each person responsible for the vehicle to have visibility into the air filter condition, location, and engine hours.

Customers will be able to define the permissions known as owners and viewers, allowing multiple people to simultaneously monitor their vehicles.

Does Senzit work with any filter or equipment type?

Senzit is equipment and filter agnostic and works with nearly all diesel engines.

How do I pair Senzit to my phone?

Pairing your Senzit device to your phone is also known as onboarding.

Senzit is paired to your phone by scanning the QR code assigned to each device. You can find the QR code on the Senzit hardware, on the tag, and on the box itself.

One Senzit achieve connectivity, equipment data is uploaded to the cloud directly from the Senzit monitor using a built-in cellular connection. You can access your Senzit’s information on your Senzit mobile app or web portal.