How do I install Senzit?

The PDF version of the installation and mounting Quick Start Guide > Senzit Installation Guide


Most importantly, install Senzit outside of any metal enclosure and away from heat sources. Senzit works best outside in sightline with the horizon.

What is the operating temperature of Senzit?

The operating temperature of Senzit is -13°F to 176°F (-25°C to +80°C). However, Senzit should NOT be mounted inside a metal enclosure or next to any heat source.

Senzit also must not be installed on or next to hot air piping (e.g. near a turbocharger).


Can Senzit be installed if I already have something installed on the port of the air filter housing?

Yes, Senzit can be installed in addition to other devices currently installed on the air filter housing. Simply use a “T” fitting to have both products installed in parallel.

Does Senzit work with any filter or equipment type?

Senzit is equipment and filter agnostic and works with nearly all diesel engines.

How do I pair Senzit to my phone?

Pairing your Senzit device to your phone is also known as onboarding.

Senzit is paired to your phone by scanning the QR code assigned to each device. You can find the QR code on the Senzit hardware, on the tag, and on the box itself.

One Senzit achieve connectivity, equipment data is uploaded to the cloud directly from the Senzit monitor using a built-in cellular connection. You can access your Senzit’s information on your Senzit mobile app or web portal.