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Increase uptime, decrease downtime. Monitor your fleet’s top consumables with Senzit Pro. Designed to empower fleet managers and operators, our latest solution in predictive maintenance allows you to make diagnostics on top consumable for your entire fleet, with just one tool. NOTICE: Units are Preorder and expected to ship out mid/late July.

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Keep your fleet running smoothly with the help of Senzit Pro. Senzit Pro’s innovation in predictive maintenance allows fleet managers and owner-operators to make diagnostics for their entire fleet’s top consumables. Its advanced fault detection systems allows you to minimize costly downtime leading to less waste and better overall ESG scores.  

Oil Analysis: Immediately detect oil wear and check for contaminants such as: water, fuel, carbon particles, etc. 
Easy to Use: Easy to operate regardless of skill level. Conduct a review of your fleet consumables’ health in under 5 minutes.                                          

Comprehensive Maintenance Log: 4G LTE results are stored with unlimited capacity via our mobile app, web portal, or email. 
CAN bus Integration: Using CAN bus integration,  instantly access vehicle data for your fleet such as engine parameters, trouble codes and more.    
Fuel Quality*: Conduct and view a complete review of the quality of your fleets’ fuels. Senzit Pro looks for dirty diesel, water, and other possible fuel contaminates. 

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