You spoke. We listened!

Over the past few weeks, the Senzit team has painstakingly deliberated about a topic for the inaugural Senzit blog, but ultimately, we knew you — our customers — would choose.

After reviewing many of your comments, it was clear we needed to write about connectivity and GPS. Connectivity is the core of Senzit and the gateway to accessing your equipment’s data anytime, anywhere. So, if you are having issues establishing a signal or noticing inconsistencies in trip history, your mounting location could be contributing to these interruptions.

To begin, answer these questions.

Where are you mounting your Senzit device? Is it confined by a metal hood? If so, open the Senzit app, locate your equipment and send your technician to the field.

Below, are a few installation tips to keep in mind when relocating your Senzit device:

  • Senzit works best out in the open or under a fiberglass hood.
  • Avoid mounting Senzit in locations completely surrounded by metal.
  • Mount Senzit with a clear sight line to the horizon to achieve maximum cellular and GPS connectivity.
  • It is recommended to mount Senzit remote to the air filter housing unit.
  • Remember, Senzit thrives in harsh environments and does not need protection from the elements.

Why are GPS signals so sensitive?

It turns out GPS connectivity requires a bit more effort than cellular. Here to help clarify is Senzit’s leading product engineer, Brandon Hukill, “Senzit is equipped with a cellular antenna for communicating data to the cloud and a GPS antenna for tracking equipment location. GPS and cellular antennas have different requirements for connecting.”

“Senzit’s cellular antenna needs to connect to one network ground tower, and the GPS antenna requires a clear line of sight to the sky to connect with at least three satellites to triangulate a coordinate location. Once the position is triangulated, the coordinates are recorded and sent to the cloud through the cellular connection.”

In the end, don’t let connectivity dictate downtime. When mounted correctly, Senzit is your key to unlocking maximum uptime, visibility, and profitability!

For more information on Senzit installation best practices, download the Senzit installation guide here.

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