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Heavy-duty machinery in areas like the Permian Basin is exposed to harsh conditions, particularly dust, which can heavily impact its performance. This not only reduces efficiency but can also result in costly breakdowns.

The Challenge

Brad Canady, who works at DXD Filter and Supply, explains, “One of my big customers had to rebuild one of his engines because their filter collapsed. That cost him $60,000 on a rebuild.” Traditional monitoring systems, like GPS trackers, only provided information about equipment’s location and runtime. However, fleet managers needed more specific and comprehensive information about the machinery’s health.

The Solution

Enter Senzit, a predictive maintenance sensor that keeps track of various vital metrics, especially related to filter health. Brad shares, “It gives the fleet manager a way to look at stuff. Instead of just going off generics, you have the air filter monitored, and now with the oil filter life, it’s just a plus.”

  • Real-time Monitoring: “Having it on your phone, where you can set personalized reminders… even if they’re at lunch and equipment has a failure, they can get right on it,” Brad mentioned.
  • Theft Protection: “We’re down close to the border here in Texas, and a lot of equipment gets stolen. Senzit acts as a backdoor GPS, providing an additional layer of security,” Brad emphasized.
  • Comprehensive Maintenance: Senzit’s ability to monitor more than just air filters is changing the game. Brad points out, “If you can monitor your whole piece of equipment from top to bottom with one unit… that’d be the biggest selling point.”

The Result

For businesses using Senzit, their workflows transformed from reactive to proactive. Instead of relying on traditional paper checklists and sporadic maintenance schedules, fleet managers could now monitor machinery in real-time. “Managers can manage their equipment,” Brad says, pointing out the case of a company with over 500 pieces of equipment. With Senzit, they’re no longer flying blind.

Moreover, Senzit has successfully prevented equipment failures. Brad recalls, “They had a little cat engine on a conveyor belt… it dusted the engine and made the engine fail. We had got a Senzit and were putting it on. If we would have been a month ahead, that could have prevented that failure.”


With Senzit, heavy-duty machinery maintenance is no longer about guesswork. It’s about real-time insights, increased uptime, and significant cost savings. In Brad’s words, “It’s a hard pitch to sell… but once you experience it, you can’t really get your head wrapped around how useful a tool it is for your business.”

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