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Efficient and reliable equipment is vital for the smooth operation of ports, particularly the large cranes used for cargo handling. The challenge was to enhance this efficiency while reducing operating costs and mitigating risks associated with equipment maintenance. The implementation of Senzit technology led to an 86.5% reduction in annual operating costs.

The Challenge

The primary concern was ensuring the reliability of critical equipment like heavy lift cranes. Traditional maintenance strategies were not adequately addressing the real-time monitoring needs of the hydraulic systems and onboard compressors, leading to increased operating costs and potential equipment failures.

The Solution

The deployment of Senzit’s Oil Quality Sensors significantly improved the maintenance regime. These sensors were fitted to the cranes’ primary hydraulic systems, offering real-time monitoring of the oil condition. An operator panel with a simple traffic light status indicator was installed, and live data was streamed back to the maintenance center. This setup allowed the operator to extend service intervals, thereby reducing operating costs and ensuring timely action before any equipment damage.

The Result

  • An 86.5% reduction in annual operating costs, saving $312K annually.
  • Oil consumption reduced by 32.2%, as sensors indicated oil was often changed prematurely.
  • Lower waste production with fewer oil changes required.
  • Significantly extended service intervals based on actual need rather than predetermined schedules.
  • Enhanced safety and reliability of equipment through timely detection of potential issues.


The introduction of Senzit’s oil condition monitoring technology marked a significant advancement in the maintenance and operation of heavy lift cranes in marine logistics. The company experienced a rapid return on investment and a transformative improvement in operational efficiency, leading to substantial cost savings and enhanced equipment reliability.

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