We Believe in More Uptime for Your Fleet

Monitor your fleet’s health and location anytime, anywhere.


Upgrade Your Preventative Maintenance Program

Introducing Senzit, the first predictive maintenance platform for heavy-duty fleets.

Get real-time visibility of your fleet's dust load, engine hours, and equipment location with the Senzit web portal and mobile app.
Compatible with all filter brands, Senzit gives you a convenient way to monitor dust load, document vehicle needs, and locate equipment in the field in real-time.
Increase productivity and profitability with the Senzit mobile app by eliminating outdated dust filter sensors or manually checking a customer's air filters.

Remote Visibility into Your Fleet

See the engine hours and location of your entire fleet across every site.

Optimize Maintenance

Maximize uptime and reduce waste while managing everything else.

Increase Profitable Hours

Only perform maintenance when your equipment needs it.

Anti-Theft Protection

Know when your equipment is powered on and where it is going.

Fleet Manager's Web Portal

Easy to Use Mobile App

Equipment Dashboard

Optimize maintenance intervals with remote engine hours, filter condition, and location of every single machine in your fleet

Trip History

Review trip history and optimize service routes to save time and maximize profitability with last known location and directions

Digital Maintenance Records

Document every service interval with Senzit’s notes and photo documentation.

Reporting & Analysis

Export fleet data to maintain historical service intervals, save on purchasing, and optimize your PM program


How it Works

Remaining Air Filter Life

Predict air filter replacement with Senzit’s remaining filter hours and dustload capacity


Prevent theft and locate your equipment across every worksite with location services

Real-time Alerts & Notifications

Receive filter replacement notifications and set custom engine hour and date/time based service alerts for other maintenance