3G Sunset: The Transition to 4G and Beyond


Have you heard the buzz going around about the depreciation of 3G services, or the term ‘3G Sunset’?


We’re here to tell you exactly what this is and how it relates to you in the heavy-duty industry.


What is ‘3G Sunsetting’?


This past year, the Federal Communications Commissions (FCC) released a statement regarding major mobile providers and their plans to shut down their 3G networks come next year (2022). This permanent shutdown is known as “sunsetting.” All mobile service providers plan on going through with this sunset for one reason: to free up bandwidth for more advanced network services such as 4G LTE and 5G.

These providers include, but are not limited to; AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and smaller carriers that utilize the major networks such as Cricket or Boost. According to this consumer press release, AT&T will be phasing out its services by February 2022, T-Mobile by mid-year, and Verizon by December. With this said


However, regardless of which carrier you may use for your personal or business-related devices, you will need to make plans to upgrade from the 3G service.



How does this affect me or my business?


Now that you know what this sunset is, let’s talk about how it will affect you or your business.


On a personal level, you or your employees will need to switch off 3G cellular devices such as mobile phones or tablets that are still using the service. The majority of cellular carriers have gotten ahead of the sunset by discontinuing sales of or activating any 3G devices. So when shopping for a new device, you won’t need to worry about compatibility.


However, when it comes to broadband products, especially in the heavy-duty industry, switching to newer and more advanced versions of your current investments will be a necessity for the near future. Almost all products previously designed for 3G networks will lose functionality and cellular speed with the planned 3G sunset. Without a switch to 4G compatible hardware, you could also run the risk of losing productivity or management servicing – which is bad for business!


In the heavy-duty industry, keeping your equipment in check is a huge plus for maintenance management. Although this sunset does cause problems for those still relying on the 3G network, the switch to 4G is easy and comes as a blessing with its technological advancement becoming readily available for those across the globe.


Senzit’s 3G to 4G Plan


Finally, let’s talk about Senzit and its plans for the depreciation of 3G.


Currently, most customers are familiar with the first generation of the Senzit HD product, providing reduced unplanned downtime through a digital predictive model for maintenance service. With its backend connectivity relying on the 3G network, usage and regional coverage will shut down in many cases or become intolerably slow with reduced functionality come early 2022. Because of this, Senzit is introducing a second-generation product with many new feature additions and performance improvements that has full 4G capabilities.


While some first-generation products may still work after the 3G Sunset, it is best to upgrade your product as a Senzit customer for maximum effectiveness on the field. You don’t want to lose track of your equipment or air filter life, right?


With our second-generation Senzit HD product, you will achieve faster location services and connectivity to your fleets from a sleek, digital dashboard straight from a 4G-capable smartphone or desktop.


3G, a network of the past


The end of 3G is nearing its completion every day as all of the major carriers will finish shutting down the networks next year. Don’t be late to the party on any of your devices – keep functionality in all aspects of your life; whether it be personal or business-related. There are so many great options on the market for your telematics needs, including our very own Senzit HD predictive maintenance solution.


3G is a thing of the past, with lower bandwidth and connectivity speeds that make your device seem like it’ll never load that webpage like it’s supposed to. With 4G and 4G LTE services and the most recent 5G cellular services, your devices will never see problems like that again.


Take it from us and make the upgrade as soon as possible. For more information and early changeover discounts, contact a Senzit technology expert today.


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