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Overley’s Environmental & Industrial Solutions, based in Gilbert, Arizona, has leveraged technology to transform their fleet maintenance systems. With 18 Senzit units, they’re pioneering a new approach to optimizing maintenance schedules for improved uptime, resources, and profitability.

The Challenge

Dave Marlar, Fleet Operations Manager at Overley’s, faced the challenge of maintaining a large, diverse fleet while minimizing costs and maximizing uptime. Traditional methods weren’t enough for the expansive fleet that included excavators, loaders, backhoes, and more. Dave needed a solution that could provide real-time insights into each vehicle’s health, beyond just their location and runtime.

The Solution

Enter Senzit, the game-changing predictive maintenance technology. Senzit’s ability to monitor filter service by assessing dustload in real-time, along with GPS functionality for tracking equipment trip history and confirming engine hours, revolutionized Overley’s maintenance program. Dave explains, “The cost of the units has a very impressive ROI… I can now view a dashboard to monitor my assets and set up notifications to alert me when a unit has reached capacity.”

Key Features of Senzit in Action

  • Real-time Dustload Monitoring: Enables predictive filter servicing, saving costs and preventing unnecessary maintenance.
  • GPS Tracking: Offers valuable location data, especially for older machinery without modern GPS systems.
  • Engine Hour Confirmation: Ensures maintenance is performed exactly when needed, not based on estimations.

The Result

With Senzit, Overley’s has shifted from a reactive to a proactive maintenance model. This shift has not only led to cost savings but also enhanced the overall efficiency and uptime of their fleet. As Dave puts it, “The units have proven to be extremely accurate and dependable… I would recommend this product to any owner-operator or fleet manager.”


Overley’s Environmental & Industrial Solutions’ journey with Senzit showcases the transformative power of technology in fleet management. Their success story is a testament to the benefits of embracing innovative solutions for maintenance challenges, leading to more efficient, cost-effective, and reliable fleet operations.

Stay tuned for more updates on Dave’s ongoing success with Senzit and the continued evolution of Overley’s fleet management strategies.

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