AED Commends Recent Infrastructure Bill Passage, $550 Billion


AED & a new bipartisan bill?


Do you think the construction and over-the-road (OTR) industries need a boost? How about the creation of two million jobs per year for the next decade? Well, you’d be happy to know that the current bipartisan group along the Senate has passed an infrastructure bill amounting to $550 billion. This bill, called the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, will not only improve our country’s economy, but improve our everyday roads, bridges, and other major projects for you or your company’s convenience!


If you know anything about the Senzit HD brand, you know that we are a part of AED or Associated Equipment Distributors. AED is an international trade association representing companies of the light- and heavy-duty industries regarding construction, mining, forestry, power generation, agriculture, and industrial. According to President and CEO Brian P. McGuire, he and the rest of AED commend the approval of this legislature, as we need to “rebuild our nation’s crumbling infrastructure, and we’re now one step closer to making it a reality”.


We believe boosting the economy and creating jobs in the construction and OTR industries is beneficial to the country as a whole! With the new infrastructure bill, the government will be funding billions of dollars worth of projects, giving construction companies nationwide the opportunity to gain huge profit margins in the next five years. The idea of boosting the construction industry by potentially billions of dollars is eye-opening, especially for members of the AED organization.


Associated Equipment Distributors (AED)


Roads, bridges, and other projects


With roads and highways being a major component of the OTR industry, having improved and streamlined conditions of this is essential for the health and sustainability of trucks across the country. According to the White House, “One in five miles, or 173,000 total miles, of our highways and major roads and 45,000 bridges are in poor condition”. With this number, you as a citizen most likely have experienced some sort of poorly shaped infrastructure.


Good news, though. With this new legislature, the government will invest $110 billion into roads, bridges, and major projects country-wide, with $40 billion included in the bridge repair and replacement plan. Over the next five years, the government will also be building on the surface transportation reauthorization bills currently put in place.


With all this happening to our roads, highways, and bridges; OTR trucking will be put in a better place than it was before, allowing for safer and easier driving over our interstate highways and backroads.


$110 billion invested into roads, bridges, and other major projects!


Infrastructure Safety


Included in almost $250 billion worth of transportation infrastructure is the implementation and funding of safety programs, grants, and improvements. Not only does this benefit highway, truck, and hazardous material industries with billions of dollars worth of funding, but it helps public safety with the enactment of a new ‘Safe Streets for All’ program focused on state and local communities with crash and fatality reduction plans.


By more than doubling the funding of safety programs for people and vehicles that we currently have, the government is sure to apply this enactment towards the benefit of the whole country! The White House states, “America has one of the highest road fatality rates in the industrialized world”. Under this comparison, OTR trucking, construction, and public transit industries would surely innovate their safety measures to fit the improving and changing road experience.


Safety programs and improvements implemented into almost $250 billion worth of infrastructure plans.


Public Transit


Over the next 5 years, new investments total to just about $90 billion to public transit, which is the largest federal investment to public transit ever. This part of the legislature modernizes transit by replacing older fleets with new and improved vehicles, upgrades, and repairs infrastructure, extends public transit to new communities, and makes stations accessible to all citizens (including the elderly and those with disabilities).


According to the White House, “America’s transit infrastructure is inadequate – with a multibillion-dollar repair backlog, representing more than 24,000 buses, 5,000 rail cars, 200 stations, and thousands of miles of track, signals, and power systems in need of replacement”. With all these backlogged unrepaired fleets, we are losing the ability to give communities, especially those in rural areas, the ability to use sleek public transportation that is given to those in other, more urban areas. This sort of thing gives a bad image to the country and does not represent the unity we stand for. However, with this new multi-billion-dollar investment in public transit systems, we can finally extend its reach and modernize public fleets.


The largest federal investment to public transit ever, as long as the House approves.


An idea of unification


What’s so great about this bill is the fact that it is bipartisan, meaning it was approved by members of both political parties in the Senate. Although the legislature must go through the House of Representatives as well, 19 Republican Senates joined the Democratic party for a 69-30 vote which shows that unity is possible for a promising cause such as our infrastructure.


The idea of unity that is portrayed in this bill not only is supported by AED but by us here at Senzit HD, as well. Like the infrastructure legislature potentially connecting public transit to more communities across the nation, Senzit HD provides its customers with connecting their fleets to their managers digitally. As seen below, our sleek model is an easy-to-install product with the ability to plug in on any piece of equipment. With loads of features ranging from air filtration monitoring, location services, and even advanced engine hours; we have you covered.


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Senzit’s Partnership Program


Speaking of ‘loads of features’, how about we talk about the other reigning features of this bipartisan bill? Along with the vast amount of funding that may be put towards the infrastructure of the country that will benefit many industries such as over-the-road trucking, construction, and public transportation, there are many underlying goals of the plan.


These include implementing many electric vehicles to public transportation such as schools and transit buses to reduce harmful emissions, connecting every American to high-speed Internet, and finally eliminating lead service lines and pipes across the country, providing safe drinking water for millions of Americans.


How about that for a varied and useful bill! With the support of one of the industry’s best associations such as AED, “the equipment industry is more than ready to help rebuild this country, creating economic growth, well-paying jobs and putting the United States on the path to future prosperity”, as stated by Mr. McGuire.


So, awaiting the approval of the House, are you and your company ready to compete with the industrialized world? We know that Senzit HD is! Join our partnership program here for a chance to unify your fleet and reduce downtime costs, saving you time and money straight from your computer or mobile device! Operate intelligently.


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