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A large mining operation sought to maximize the productivity of their mobile plant equipment, essential for their performance. Senzit’s oil sensors offered real-time monitoring of oil conditions, providing immediate alerts for potential issues and helping predict optimal servicing times.

The Challenge

The key challenge for the mining company was to enhance the operational efficiency of their heavy machinery, including rock crushers, excavators, and trucks. The goal was to extend equipment life and reduce unnecessary maintenance costs without compromising on performance. Traditional maintenance strategies were not fully optimizing the equipment’s active operating time.

The Solution

The implementation of Senzit’s intelligent oil condition monitoring system was a game-changer. These sensors were installed in the gearboxes, engines, and hydraulic systems of all 36 machines. Data was streamed back to the maintenance depot for optimal service scheduling. This solution enabled the company to fully utilize the true life of their oil, reducing servicing needs and minimizing equipment wear.

The Result

  • Oil consumption was reduced by 19.7%, as the sensors indicated that oil was often replaced while still fit for purpose.
  • The company significantly reduced their annual expenditure on oil consumption by over $373K.
  • Servicing was minimized, and running hours for critical machinery were extended.
  • Immediate identification of contamination, preventing catastrophic equipment failures.


With Senzit’s oil condition monitoring technology, the mining company transformed their maintenance approach from reactive to proactive. This not only led to significant cost savings but also improved the reliability and efficiency of their heavy mining equipment. The mining operation could now confidently maximize the productivity of their fleet, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

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