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Ensuring the constant readiness of large diesel generators at critical sites was a paramount concern for a customer who relied on standby power during major power outages. The Senzit sensors enabled improved service scheduling, which significantly reduced maintenance costs and failure risks.

The Challenge

The customer’s critical sites depended on the immediate availability of electricity from standby generators in the event of a power outage. The infrequent use of these generators posed a risk to the quality of oil and fuel, threatening their reliability and functionality at crucial moments.

The Solution

The installation of Senzit’s Oil Quality Sensor (OQSx) provided a continuous monitoring solution for the oil and diesel quality in these generators. The sensors were configured to offer a comprehensive audit trail of condition levels and to issue forward alerts at predetermined quality thresholds. This ensured that servicing could be planned proactively, maintaining the oil and diesel in a condition ready for immediate and reliable operation during power cuts.

The Result

  • Annual maintenance costs were reduced by $43K, enhancing the cost-effectiveness of the maintenance process.
  • The system provided ease of use, ensuring that the customer could confidently maintain their equipment in optimal condition.
  • Efficiency was heightened as the monitoring system demonstrated the customer’s readiness to public body stakeholders in emergency situations.


The adoption of Senzit’s oil condition monitoring technology provided a critical solution for maintaining standby diesel generators. It not only reduced maintenance costs but also mitigated the risk of failure during emergencies, ensuring the customer’s sites remained powered and operational when needed most. This proactive approach to maintenance underscored the customer’s commitment to reliability and operational excellence in standby power generation.

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