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International Drilling Equipment (IDE), known for its foundation drilling rigs and other specialized equipment, faced challenges in tracking and maintaining its diverse fleet. With a mix of new and old machinery, including rentals, they needed a solution to monitor equipment usage and health more effectively.

The Challenge

David Austin, Parts and Service Sales Rep at IDE, described the difficulty in managing a fleet with limited telematics capabilities. “Before we had no idea how many hours were being put on the rig,” he explained. This lack of data led to inefficient maintenance schedules, increased risk of machine breakdowns, and potential revenue loss.

The Solution

IDE adopted Senzit, a predictive maintenance platform, to overcome these challenges. “I can monitor what I need to,” said Austin, emphasizing the versatility of Senzit in tracking usage and maintenance needs across various types of equipment. Senzit enabled IDE to monitor real-time data on equipment usage, location, and critical maintenance indicators.

Key Benefits of Senzit Implementation

  • Enhanced Equipment Monitoring: “It’s giving us a lot more control on our product,” Austin noted, highlighting the ability to monitor equipment in real-time.
  • Proactive Maintenance Scheduling: IDE can now set alarms for upcoming service needs, transitioning from guesswork to data-driven maintenance.
  • Increased Revenue Opportunities: “It’s money for us,” Austin said, referring to the ability to offer timely services and parts to clients.
  • Improved Equipment Health and Customer Satisfaction: Well-maintained equipment means fewer breakdowns and happier customers.
  • Theft Prevention and Location Tracking: Particularly useful for easily stolen items like drilling masts.

The Result

IDE experienced a transformative change in its fleet management approach. “We’re no longer dependent on legacy maintenance practices,” Austin stated. The implementation of Senzit led to more accurate service intervals, reduced downtime, and enhanced overall operational efficiency.


International Drilling Equipment’s adoption of Senzit represents a significant leap forward in fleet management. The ability to accurately monitor and maintain equipment has not only improved operational efficiency but also opened up new revenue streams and increased customer satisfaction. Austin concluded, “It’s a brilliant way to keep track of rigs…it’s where we need to be.”

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