Company Name

Garco Construction



Fleet Size

200+ machines


Washington State


Garco Construction, a renowned player in Washington State’s construction sector since 1978, faced significant challenges in fleet management due to outdated maintenance practices. This led to increased risks and inefficiencies in managing their mixed fleet of over 200 machines.

The Challenge

Garco’s fleet operations were hampered by a lack of a strict maintenance program and minimal visibility into crucial fleet management aspects like air filter replacements and real-time vehicle location. Their reliance on manual tracking and routine service schedules often led to premature or delayed maintenance, increasing the risk of engine dusting and inefficient equipment use.

The Solution

In 2018, Shop Foreman Mark Masterman initiated the integration of Senzit into Garco’s fleet. This predictive maintenance platform provided precise air-filter insights through condition-based monitoring. By retrofitting their fleet with Senzit, Garco gained the ability to monitor each filter’s dustload and remaining life, facilitating timely and necessary maintenance actions.

It’s all right there on the screen, which is drastically cuts down the amount of hours I would spend trying to find this information out and then being able to schedule my guys out to do the work.

Key Benefits of Senzit Implementation

  • Accurate Filter Monitoring: Enabled timely and necessary air filter changes, reducing the likelihood of engine damage.
  • GPS Tracking: Provided exact equipment locations, easing service logistics and enhancing security.
  • Integrated Notes Tool: Streamlined maintenance record-keeping, eliminating manual errors and inefficiencies.
  • Engine Hour Tracking: Allowed for more accurate and efficient scheduling of service and maintenance.

The Result

The implementation of Senzit led to a revolutionary change in Garco’s fleet maintenance approach. With the new system, Garco achieved a remarkable 75% reduction in unplanned downtime, significantly enhancing their operational efficiency. Mark Masterman emphasized the time savings and the increased focus on servicing equipment effectively, rather than worrying about its location or usage history.


Garco Construction’s journey with Senzit marks a significant shift from legacy maintenance practices to a more efficient, data-driven approach. This transformation has not only reduced downtime but has also positioned Garco for increased profitability and customer focus. As the future unfolds, Garco looks forward to leveraging these improvements for more contracts and sustained growth.

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