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As the rail industry continually evolves, fleet management remains a crucial area demanding optimization and proactive measures. In this case study, we explore how one organization leveraged the capabilities of Senzit to gain insights, streamline operations, and enhance their fleet management process.

The Challenge

Like many in the rail industry, the company faced challenges in:

  • Inability to ascertain if clients used equipment beyond the agreed rental period – a critical factor in their revenue model.
  • Difficulty in managing a fleet spread over vast geographical areas.
  • The cost implications of generic maintenance strategies, such as the premature or unnecessary replacement of costly components like air filters.
  • Early detection of potential issues to prevent cascading equipment failures.
  • Ensuring transparency and accountability among equipment operators.

The Solution

Enter the Senzit system: a cutting-edge fleet management and predictive maintenance tool. The company was introduced to Senzit through O’Reilly’s, a major dealer. With the primary aim to improve visibility into their rental units, they decided to test Senzit on a few units initially.

So we really just were trying to look for a solution to know if our machines were being used when they weren’t supposed to, you know, and this product just ended up, you know, going hand in hand with what we were looking for.

– Austin Jarsoz


  • Monitoring Overuse: The sensors perfectly aligned with the company’s needs, enabling them to determine if machines were being operated beyond the rental agreement, especially vital given their vast operational areas.
  • Early Problem Detection: Austin Jarsoz, a representative of the company, emphasized the system’s ability to detect issues early, preventing potential “domino effects” of cascading failures. This was critical in avoiding expensive replacements or repairs.
  • Aligning with Growth Objectives: Austin’s focus was clear: growth and transitioning to newer equipment to offer customers a more reliable and enhanced experience. The sensors played a pivotal role in achieving this goal by helping maintain older equipment more efficiently and ensuring optimal utilization of newer units.

It’s the ability to be more comfortable having these units and knowing our customers are not moving them to unauthorized locations. We can stay on top of things.

– Austin Jarsoz


For the rail industry, where equipment health is paramount, Senzit offers a robust solution. It ensures early detection of potential issues, enhances transparency, and provides valuable data that can inform decision-making processes. If you are seeking to elevate your fleet management process, Senzit might be the solution you’re searching for.

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