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A fleet of diesel-electric locomotives needed a solution for improved reliability and maintenance scheduling control. The oil sensor’s integration with the central maintenance control and planning department allowed for real-time data analysis and more accurate maintenance scheduling.

The Challenge

The railway company faced challenges in maintaining optimal service schedules for its locomotives. Inefficient maintenance practices were leading to increased operating and failure costs. Traditional monitoring systems were inadequate in providing real-time, actionable data on oil conditions.

The Solution

The introduction of Senzit’s Oil Quality Sensor marked a significant advancement in locomotive maintenance. Installed downstream from the main engine oil filter, the sensor provided real-time data on oil quality. The sensor’s ability to plan optimal servicing and provide early alerts for potential problems revolutionized maintenance strategies.

The Result

  • Annual maintenance costs were reduced by 80%
  • Actual oil consumption decreased by 21%
  • Improved maintenance schedules, reducing equipment failure costs.


With Senzit’s advanced oil condition monitoring technology, the railway company moved from a reactive to a proactive maintenance approach. This shift not only led to substantial cost savings but also improved the overall efficiency and reliability of their locomotive fleet.

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