Difficulty Finding Skilled Workers? Technology Is the Solution.


A need for youthful workers


Are you seeing a shortage of labor and skilled workers within the contracting or heavy-duty industry? According to a Dodge Data & Analytics report, during the last few months of 2020, 60% of contractors needed hiring of high-skilled workers. The problem with this, however, is that is it very hard to find these types of employees, with 69% of these contractors finding much difficulty in doing so. The plain truth is that down the line, as older generations start to retire or find new opportunities in different industries, contractors and other heavy-duty businesses will need to venture towards younger and more technologically inclined options.


Forconstructionpros.com’s Josh Weiss goes over the idea that:


Civil contractors who increasingly say they need to attract younger workers have the power to optimize their current resources and upskill their teams with intelligent deployment of technology.


Let’s review this technology use within the industry, shall we?


Younger workers have the ability to hone technological skills into profitable tools.


Technology and its use in the industry


As stated before, employers and contractors are finding it hard to find new and skilled workers for their businesses and contracts. This unfortunately has plagued not only the construction industry but many other areas of the skilled market as well. Fortunately, for the heavy-duty industries that surround our market, there are many technological solutions to help save time and money involving labor.


Telematics and the use of utility detection, drones and satellite location services, and even the newly invented ‘augmented reality’ have all proven to be beneficial for the industry. With the right training and development, companies can diminish the need for skilled workers and focus on making profits.


Josh Weiss states again;


Nearly two-thirds of civil contractors (63%) say younger talent brings diverse skills, including adopting technology more quickly and collaborating digitally.


In the construction industry especially, a palate of diverse skills in new hires is essential. In this new day and age, with technology on the rise, adopting technological and digital skills in the workforce will increase productivity and satisfy demand.


Telematic solutions that provide location mapping and equipment analytics prove to benefit businesses across the industry.


Senzit HD, a necessary solution


So out of all these new technologies, which ones should you choose to buy or partner with? In reality, it really depends on you or your customer’s industry-based needs.


For instance, if your business is agricultural-based, you would probably want a telematics-based solution that provides equipment management and analytics for your tractors and other agricultural-based vehicles. For over-the-road companies, you would want to monitor your truck fleets provided with dashcam capabilities.


More importantly, if you really wanted to choose the right solution to minimize labor shortages, you would go with something that is easy to teach and provides market gaps for your industry. Senzit HD really does this for the construction, agriculture, over-the-road, and mining industries.


With a machine-learning air filtration technology, Senzit HD allows its partners to monitor equipment analytics, manage fleet location and prevent theft, as well as see trip history/maintenance logs/operating hours of their heavy-duty vehicles. We are especially useful for those that tend to operate in dusty environments. All of this and more through mobile and desktop applications.


With the help of younger talent, fleets would easily become utilized with our predictive maintenance and machine-learning features so you as a business owner could save time, maximize profit, and even add new skills and talents to your portfolio.


The Senzit HD unit is accessible through mobile and desktop applications.


Partner for an ease into technology


To give a final analysis of this major problem within the heavy-duty industry, we should go over the problem once more. The United States market, with the construction industry impacted more than most, is having a skilled labor shortage that is losing companies time and money. Through an ongoing pandemic, there are many hurdles in finding new talent to fit the lacking roles.


Without needing to search through a very limited highly skilled workforce, the adaptation of technology in businesses seems like the most viable option for stabilizing profits and saving their valuable time. Whether this is augmented reality, telematics solutions, or other helpful technologies, these types of things can be honed for any industry.


For those in the heavy-duty industry, if you are looking for a technological solution, we have your back. By partnering with Senzit HD, you gain access to crucial information such as remaining filter health, location, operating hours, and other key statistics. You can monitor all of your Senzit-connected equipment through the platform at any time of day. And before you even ask, you can connect our devices to any of your equipment, regardless of brand or equipment type.


With this being said, why not start now? Operate intelligently!

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