Senzit just got a facelift! Starting August 13th, managing your fleet just got easier.

Here’s what we improved!

Fleet Manager Dashboard

The redesigned dashboard page showcases device locations, most recent notifications, and the most used devices from the previous seven days. This optimized redesign saves you time by displaying the most vital information in one location. Lastly, a table with enhanced filtering gives you the option to select pre-defined filter values for easy device lookup.

Weekly Engine Hours

On the dashboard page, fleet managers can see their top four machines with the most engine hours from the past seven days. Knowledge on what device is working more than others is critical for both fleet efficiency and theft prevention.


Fleet Location 

The fleet overview map gives you comprehensive visibility across multiple worksites. If any pins are out of place, a fleet manager can quickly navigate to that particular device — making theft prevention and driving directions easier than ever. Pins are also color-coded signifying an on/off status providing a fleet manager insight if a machine was left on or is being used without their permission.

Global Notifications 

On the dashboard page, you can now view the most critical device notifications in one place! Letting fleet manager’s prioritize the equipment that needs attention immediately.

Device Overview Table

Devices are now listed in a table and show up to five devices at once with the ability to sort and filter. Along with improved organization, the devices are shown with device-specific information allowing you to easily compare machine data.

Improved Device Specific Page

The device overview page showcases Senzit’s top features with the ability to dive deeper into equipment-specific data. This empowers you to get the information you need without navigating to multiple pages.

Side-bar & Device Page Navigation 

This redesign includes an overhaul on the full fleet side-bar navigation and the device-specific navigation using a menu style navigation system. The side panel navigation bar includes new iconography to better represent the pages they navigate to, making it easier for you to find features. The updated device page menu style navigation is grouped into three menu items giving fleet managers an intuitive way to manage their equipment’s health and service intervals.