We’re showing you initial data that can help you save thousands of dollars.

The Senzit product is built on customer value, data science, and machine learning – so that means we’re constantly improving models that promote efficiency, reduce waste, and improve our customer’s day-to-day operations.

Recently, we decided to run some tests on WIX filters in comparison to another popular brand. More specifically, cement truck filters owned by a global cement powerhouse.

The genesis of our product was developed around algorithms and air filters so Senzit could predict when you need to service your heavy-duty equipment. Naturally, the byproduct of a years’ worth of data produced some interesting insights.

So, how did we design the experiment?

The Senzit team identified a few constants.

  • A fleet of cement trucks owned and operated by a single company
  • Bulk pricing discount from filter MSRP
  • Labor rate of $50/per hour
  • 20 minutes to change a filter

The variables

  • One, WIX heavy-duty filter
  • One filter manufactured by a popular brand

The formulas

Labor formula

WIX: 172 annual filter changes  x  $50/hr  * 0.33 hrs =  $2,838

Other filter: 200 annual filter changes  x  $50/hr  * 0.33 hrs =  $3,300

Filter efficiency formula

WIX: 172 annual filter changes  x  $80 * .70 =  $9,632

Other filter: 200 annual filter changes  x  $78 * .70 =  $10,920

Show me the money…

After a year’s worth of data and analysis we can conclude, by switching to WIX filters our Cement Company saved 11% annually on filter costs and 14% annually on labor.

This means saving $1750 per year on their cement trucks filters.

What’s next?

This is just the beginning. Our data scientists and the cement company will continue to monitor the filter data via Senzit, but the future looks promising and filled with savings and more uptime!

To see how you can save big on fleet operations, schedule a demo of Senzit.