It doesn’t matter whether you oversee a large fleet…or you’re a business owner who carries the responsibility of both managing and servicing your equipment.

Strategically allocating your equipment’s uptime can be a challenge.

Despite the need to service your machines, there’s the constant tug of fulfilling client demands. And, more than likely, you consistently lack the information needed to fully maximize your service visits…so your machines stay running longer.

If you’re struggling to balance your machine workload, there’s good news.

With a predictive maintenance tool, you can increase uptime and improve the optimization of your maintenance—which means more profit-producing hours for your equipment.

Keep on reading to discover how a predictive maintenance tool can help you make data-driven fleet management decisions.

What Is a Predictive Maintenance Tool?

Before we discuss the benefits of a predictive maintenance solution, it’s important to define what this tool is and how it works.

To put it simply, a predictive maintenance tool empowers you to make smart decisions off real-time information.

To better understand how this happens in real life, let’s take a look at Senzit’s predictive maintenance platform.

Perhaps you’ve installed Senzit onto a few pieces of equipment in your fleet…say three excavators, a bulldozer, two gen sets, and a skid steer. Soon, your Senzit devices will begin communicating machine data to the MANN+HUMMEL cloud where artificial intelligence (AI) helps us calculate the remaining life of your filters, communicate engine hours, and locate your equipment in the field.

These insights are then displayed on your Senzit moble app or web portal.

In other words, when you open your Senzit app, you’re looking at real-time predictive maintenance information on your equipment.

But to understand how this information helps you make smarter decisions for your fleet, keep on reading…

How Does a Predictive Maintenance Tool Support a Balanced Machine Workload?

When it comes to strategically allocating your machine workload, there’s a simple way to achieve better balance: minimize your downtime.

How does a predictive maintenance solution help you accomplish this goal?

For starters, a predictive maintenance tool can help you consolidate service visits—optimizing your maintenance.

For instance, a Senzit device might reveal that a backhoe needs its air filter replaced. Taking a look at your existing preventative maintenance schedule, you also discover this backhoe requires an oil change, and two of your skid steers (which your Senzit app reveals are located nearby) will require maintenance soon after that.

Thanks to the visibility provided by Senzit, you can view important data on your entire fleet in a single app—allowing you to schedule a single visit for multiple pieces of equipment.

However, this isn’t the only benefit of a predictive maintenance tool.

You can also enjoy more uptime for your fleet.

Don’t get us wrong.

When it comes to efficient fleet management, preventative maintenance is a good starting place. However, it can also lead to extra downtime.

For instance, perhaps your preventative maintenance schedule has your team replacing several air filters next month. However, you’re unaware that your air filters have two additional months of life remaining.

And, because you lack this information, you might service your equipment during a season of high client demand.

With Senzit’s predictive maintenance insights, you can lengthen the time between maintenance visits. The result is a better balance for your machine workload—and a potential increase in hours available for activities that directly impact the bottom line.

(To see how one company is leveraging Senzit data to improve their fleet management, watch this video.)

Implementing a Predictive Maintenance Tool in Your Organization

As you can see, a predictive maintenance solution can significantly improve how you meet client needs—while helping you care for your fleet.

The problem is, implementing predictive maintenance can be a challenge.

Perhaps you have a mixed fleet, comprised of multiple models and manufacturers. You’re already busy enough…and you can’t imagine consulting different brand-specific tools to make decisions.

Or maybe you’ve experimented with other predictive maintenance solutions…but the user interface was simply too complicated for your team.

Senzit makes it easy to tap into predictive maintenance insights for your air filters.

It doesn’t matter if your fleet consists of five different brands or includes machines from the 1990s. You’ll find our product is machine agnostic—providing access to insights in a user-friendly application.

However, our predictive maintenance tool doesn’t simply provide information on the remaining life of your air filters. Senzit’s features can empower you to…

  • Instantly see the dustload and remaining filter life for any given machine.
  • View a machine’s engine hours, which can help you address other equipment requiring service.
  • Quickly find a machine’s location on an interactive map.
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