Make the Right Choice: Book a Demo to See if Products are a Good Fit

Are you having trouble making a purchasing decision? Or maybe you have two products side by side and just can’t choose?  

Booking a demo with your favorite products will make purchasing decisions crystal clear. Demos allow you to see if the price is worth it, if you like the product itself, and if it will work in your application.    

To help you answer your most pressing questions like “is this product worth it?” companies perform demos to educate you more than any brochure or webpage could. In the heavy-duty industries and fleet management software industries, these are imperative. You need to know if this investment will save you money. That why Senzit’s demos are performed by one of our technology experts that can walk you through all the benefits of purchasing.  

Sales presentation in a conference room with Senzit material.

Through an educational dialogue, our trained staff will walk you through the benefits of our Partner Program. This is the perfect time to gather your leadership team, sales teams, or both! Demo presentations don’t last long at all, and you’ll be able to have everyone educated in the most efficient way. 

Meeting happening in a conference room.

Here’s what a demo with Senzit looks like: 

  • We’ll take a deep dive into product features and show you how we differentiate ourselves in the market. Not only will this help your leadership team evaluate the sound business decision and return on investment, but your sales team will get excited for a new product that’s breaking barriers in the best way possible.   reducing downtime and increasing productivity.  
  • We’ll address your sales team on how they can increase revenues and how our product fits into your existing inventory. Most sales compensation revolves around commission and with a product as easy to sell as Senzit, your sales representatives could have quite the bonus month after month. Not only are we an additional fleet management software, but we go miles further! A demo can show you how.  
  • We’ll educate you on Partner benefits and how you can set your own pricing and promotional structures. Demos with Senzit experts are quite informative and you’ll be able to address any concerns with pricing and our partnership then.  
  • We’ll walk you through a quick installation demonstration. Our team member will briefly show you how easy it is for your technicians to install.  

At the end of it all, you’ll have been provided a wealth of information first-hand from one of our industry experts. Demos also give you the opportunity to ask questions, seek confirmation, and connect with others in your industry!  

You can schedule a demo with us by clicking the image below! 

You will have made a valuable connection with a Senzit expert and can keep in touch. Our team is always here to help.

As always, you can reach us at 919-920-7920 or for more information!  

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