Mini-Series: Air Filtration Monitoring


Is your heavy-duty equipment suffering from shortened lifespans?  

Are you worried about losing profit from improper maintenance predictions?  

Senzit offers its digital predictive maintenance solution with many different competing features and characteristics. In this week’s mini-series, we’re overviewing our filter health tracking feature and how including this in our product is essential to the life and sustainability of your heavy-duty equipment. 



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Plunge into Senzit’s mini-series overview!


Let’s dive right into what you need to do to get started – fast and stress-free.

Mobile monitoring

As shown below on our mobile application, Senzit’s filter health monitoring is accessible straight from your phone; anywhere and anytime. With this application, you can obtain maintenance analytics of each specific piece of equipment; identified and personalized by you!  


Air filtration monitoring overview of mobile app.
Monitor filter life predictive measurements on the mobile app.


In the device settings, you can input machine and filter details per vehicle. This includes the equipment name, serial number, make, model, year, filtration part name/number, and starting engine hours. For our learning algorithm, there is also a section for terminal pressure input.  

With this data, you are truly able to customize reporting for each piece of equipment in the entire fleet. 

At the bottom of this mobile dashboard, you can update your equipment and filter data to help Senzit predict filter life and protect your profits. You would do this once equipment filters have been changed.

Web monitoring

If you were to prefer our web dashboard, the analytics are very similar! You’ll be able to view dust load and equipment’s remaining filter life. This has proved to be very beneficial to our partners and customers, saving them time and money in maintenance fees. This predictive maintenance data can also be downloaded for tracking purposes.  

You can view your device overview from the web platform pictured below. 


Web platform overview: Air filtration monitoring
Overview of our web platform.

Our predictive maintenance telematics solution is statistically proven to reduce costs and boost profits. We at Senzit can turn your filter maintenance problems into a market advantage over other companies. 


Field of research

To make sure that we continuously outweigh our competitors, we are backed by 80 years of filtration expertise under MANN+HUMMEL. Filter health leads to engine health, which is comparable to the heart of a heavy-duty vehicle. 


According to a research article from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, “Agency fleet managers can use telematics to create preventive maintenance schedules and proactively address fault codes. Telematics collects data to support condition-based maintenance to both ensure the vehicle is operating efficiently and reduce unnecessary maintenance costs. Additionally, telematics provides access to diagnostic trouble codes that can help fleet managers identify vehicle problems early and reduce downtime.” 

These vehicle problems are most likely related to air filtration, as vehicles tend to run thousands of engine hours in heavy dust environments. With our predictive air filtration monitoring, vehicle or equipment problems can be minimized or eliminated altogether. 

Another research article from Karlstad University includes this in their abstract: “The internal combustion engine [of a heavy-duty machine] requires clean air in order to operate without problems the entire service life. The air filter acts as a barrier between the ambient air ridden with particulate matter, and the sensitive interior of the engine. Several factors affect the air filter performance, such as pressure drop, efficiency, and dust holding capacity.” 

Again, monitoring this filter performance, pressure drops, and dust holding capacity is essential to the life of your fleets. Let’s see how these analytics come about. 


Senzit heavy duty equipment picture: Air filtration monitoring
Monitor dust load for the preservation of your fleet equipment.

How does it work?

You may be wondering; how exactly does our predictive air filtration monitoring work and how does this relate to turning your profit? Well, it’s fairly simple. 

We use something called a Delta P (ΔP) algorithm that takes the accumulated particle pressure difference within your vehicle and uses this to determine particle or dust load, how long your filter has before you need to change it, as well as the predicted engine hours of the vehicle concerning its pressure.  

We put this data into easy-to-read percentages and graphics for your review, so you don’t have any confusion when tracking your digital maintenance analytics. 

How about that for the future of technology? Easy, right?


Industry competitors

Now let’s talk a little about our competitors. After careful investigation regarding the use of air filtration telematics within other companies, it is known that preventative air filtration is used in many of our opposing brands, such as CAT Connect Product Link, CASE SiteWatch, or John Deere’s JD Link. However, the crucial difference that sets us apart from these big named companies is the move from preventative to predictive. 

It’s one thing to schedule maintenance or filter changes with your service provider for a specific type of equipment, and it’s another to know when you need to provide maintenance to your fleets depending on the environment and dust load.  

Predictive air filtration monitoring applies an adaptive learning mechanism to your machines that will recognize your surroundings and their particle build-up, allowing you to maximize profit straight from your phone or computer. 

The switch is obvious, operate intelligently with Senzit.


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