Predictive Maintenance Solution: Senzit Partnership Program

Our program:

Are you in the need of cutting downtime costs, finding a solution to maintenance problems, or looking into the telematics industry for respected predictive maintenance services? Well, Senzit has you covered. No need to worry about any complicated or time-consuming purchasing process; the Senzit team provides an easy, simple procedure to join our valued channel partnership program. Through this partnership, you will gain access to advanced maintenance technology over both our new online web portal as well as our mobile application. The best part is you won’t need to worry about learning on your own… we’ll teach you everything you need to know through proper demonstration, all complimentary to our channel partners!

Click here for our reseller program promotional video!
Click here for our reseller program promotional video!

Let’s dive right into what you need to do to get started – fast and stress-free.

Schedule a Demonstration:


Once you’ve decided on Senzit as your go-to predictive maintenance solution, you will want to navigate to our website at and click on our Schedule Demo tab on the top-right of the screen:


Click on our 'Schedule Demo' tab for appointment scheduling with our sales technician.
Click on our ‘Schedule Demo’ tab for appointment scheduling with our sales technician.


Under this page, you will simply need to schedule a demo appointment with our technical sales engineer Chris Lindsay. He will meet you at your job site to show you exactly how our product works and answer any questions you may have with installation, digital operations, physical unit, or even our company itself. Chris is our product expert and will simplify even our most advanced technology so you, as a partner, will be able to use our product at any time of the day problem-free!

Onboarding with us:


Once your in-person demo is done, and you have determined that Senzit is a great fit for you, you will want to return to our website and click on our Channel Partners tab and fill out our partner form to get in contact with our Head of Business Development who will quickly walk you through our onboarding process! Or, if you would rather speak to Chris again, he is also available for onboarding at 919-920-7920.


Click on our 'Channel Partners' tab to onboard with our company and save money.
Click on our ‘Channel Partners’ tab to onboard with our company and save money.

What we offer:


Enough about the simple partnering process…what benefits do partnering with us bring to you or your customers? Well, let’s find out!

Before we rush into the various benefits of Senzit’s predictive maintenance solution, let’s talk about why partnering is the answer. According to Paul Parisi from The Globe and Mail, “Collaboration and strategic partnerships are fundamental to improving business outcomes.” Parisi establishes a fantastic perspective on business-to-business partnerships and cooperation, giving insight on how these tactics can improve businesses overall, as well as giving its employees (or managers) more technical skills and different outlooks. This is where our company and partnership would shine, giving you the essential technology for you and your customers to prosper.

Senzit offers many different applications through its digital platform to its partners, meaning you would be able to access analytic data either on the job site or at home. The Web Portal enables you to view your equipment through GPS, allowing you to save time and maximize profit, as well as assess digital maintenance records straight from our application, which lets you document and review your service intervals.


Easy-to-use web portal for our fleet managers, equipped with many different features.
Easy-to-use web portal for our fleet managers, equipped with many different features.

What our predictive maintenance solution offers:


Senzit’s great services are compatible with quite literally any piece of equipment, in any environment. Caterpillar, Komatsu, John Deere, Hitachi; you name it, and Senzit can plug in to give you advanced monitoring of air filtration, engine hours, reporting and analytics, and location services. This, in turn, will reduce unplanned downtime of your vehicles and equipment by 75%, reducing your costs and making you profit.


Here’s a quick run-down of what exactly we bring to the table under our channel partnership program:


  • Data-sharing privileges – access to customer maintenance data and analytics.
  • Branded service alerts – get notified when maintenance is needed with branded partner logos.
  • Turning your service centers into profit centers – turn profit easy by eliminating unplanned downtime and predicting maintenance intervals.

Fleet operator benefits under our predictive maintenance solution:


  • Advanced filter life prediction – monitor your remaining air filter capacity and hours.
  • Location services – GPS in real-time, viewing trip history and preventing theft.
  • Engine hours – track your engine hours and predict upcoming maintenance.
  • Reducing costly repairs – become proactive and get on top of maintenance before it becomes a problem.
  • Digital logging – document maintenance records with notes and photo documentation.
  • Install anywhere – easy to install with any filter on any machine.


A brief overview visual of our fleet features.
A brief overview visual of our fleet features.


Our predictive maintenance software is the pinnacle of heavy equipment telematics and GPS. One of the finest principles of Senzit is that we keep our product updated to exactly what our customers want! We take feedback from our partners and use the crucial information you give us to update, simplify, and keep Senzit fresh and innovative.


How we compare to the rest of the industry:


Senzit not only provides one of the best fleet tracking devices out there but offers you, as a fleet manager or reseller, the ability to cut major downtime costs. As seen below, Senzit supplies similar features to major telematic companies such as CAT Connect Product Link, CASE SightWatch, and John Deere’s JD Link, as well as major components to keep your company cost-effective and successful. These components include the ability for our product to apply adaptive and predictive maintenance for manufacturing and other fleet management industries, mixed fleet compatibility (with any brand equipment), advanced filter monitoring, forecasted alarms, and much-needed anti-theft tools.


Visual comparison to our industry competitors.
Visual comparison to our industry competitors.


Predictive maintenance and condition monitoring are modern and innovative. According to Sean M. Gladieux from Construction Equipment, “Despite more complexity, the benefits of predictive capabilities—predictable availability and predictable productivity—promise that the efforts will pay off. As stated in equipment manager’s terms, a predictive system will yield fewer failures and less contingent damage, minimum cost, and planned downtime.” Not only is our system the future of heavy equipment and machinery telematics, but it’s also very easy to use.


Learn more about predictive maintenance:


With our many competitive advantages and practicalities in the world of telematics, why not give us a try? Partner with Senzit today to launch your company into the future and operate intelligently. Learn more at, or contact us at 1-800-949-6698.



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