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Are you wondering how much downtime you may be accumulating with your day-to-day use of fleet equipment, and how much you could target to reduce with Senzit HD? Fortunately, our website has just the tool for this with our return on investment (ROI) calculator. Easily input maintenance hours for a quick and easy calculation, showing just how effective our predictive maintenance solution is to your business.


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Return on investment is defined as “a measure used to evaluate the efficiency or profitability of an investment” according to In terms of predictive maintenance and fleet management, this evaluation relates to unplanned downtime of fleet equipment, which plagues many businesses in the heavy-duty industry. Not only does this calculator give you forecasted unplanned downtime hours based on maintenance, but it shows percentage-based analytics on how much you could reduce and save big.



You may be asking how Senzit HD could possibly save you money just based on downtime. Our platform is a fleet maintenance solution focused on machine learning analytics of your equipment’s air filtration – meaning you can monitor your fleet’s filter life straight from your phone or desktop. What makes Senzit shine, however, is the “predictive” aspect of the platform. Our units learn the environment around your equipment and forecast maintenance needs before they happen. Let us eliminate the guesswork and reduce downtime of your equipment based on your air filtration insights.


Backed by MANN+HUMMEL, the global market leader in filtration, we at Senzit HD are THE go-to solution for your fleet’s air filtration maintenance and management. We combine the interests of the heavy-duty industry with that of 80 years of filtration expertise for a valued promise: to save you time and money in maintaining your heavy equipment.



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Now that you know how to use our ROI calculator, it’s time to put it into reality! Senzit HD offers its customers a partnership plan which comes with a plethora of benefits such as partner branded alerts (for our reseller/dealership customers), advanced engine hours, location services, trip history, DVIR logging, and communication options for fleet manager to operator and vice versa.


Operate intelligently with our mobile and desktop dashboards, giving you access to a suite of maintenance analytics and applications for you or your customers’ fleets. Partner now and join the Senzit HD family!







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