What’s the problem with the mining industry?


A need for filtration expertise


Of all the industries within the heavy equipment world, the mining and aggregate sectors tend to develop the most problems relating to filtration. With the competitive nature of mining businesses, the reliability of equipment used in fleets is essential for profit maximization and reaching deadlines. The inevitable filtration problems of mining equipment stem from the environment surrounding them compared to, for instance, trucks from over-the-road companies. Excavators, drills, shovels, and trucks all deal with an incomprehensible amount of dust particles that, over time, increases frictional wear on the equipment.


To combat this, fleet managers use filters to help keep their equipment up and running. Over time, these filters need replacement and require scheduled maintenance.


Let’s learn more about how this process works.



What’s the solution?


Mining and aggregate equipment/tools undergo serious pressure to their filters after weeks or even months of use. This pressure is caused by the material that is being worked on by these tools, which are usually metals, minerals, and coal/petroleum. With the industry relying on finite resources that will eventually become exhausted, there is a present focus on improving efficiency and operational decision-making before these nonrenewable resources are gone. With this said, many businesses are looking for ways to predict maintenance and prevent unplanned downtime caused by wear-and-tear of particles.


Digitalizing maintenance scheduling and predicting downtime is one way to do this. As stated by Pall Corporation, “Maximizing equipment uptime and extending the life of capital equipment is paramount to improving business performance.” If allowing equipment to stay active longer is essential for profit, it seems that moving towards equipment telematics or computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) is the right move.




Paperless mining operations


According to Paula Flynn, a Digital Marketing Analyst from industrytoday.com, “worldwide mining operations are as much as 28% less productive today than a decade ago.” In theory, this is because businesses are still using nondigital maintenance and fleet management processes in an ever-growing heavy-duty industry. Every single year it becomes more apparent that cost-effective solutions are required to ensure the reliability of effective filtration systems.


As specified by another article from mining.com, “Mining equipment maintenance is so vital that a single mining venture could spend from 35% to 50% of its annual operating budget on equipment maintenance and repair alone.” This staggering number proves expectations of some sort of preventative maintenance strategy to be put in place. In best practices, equipment monitoring telematics or solutions seem to move businesses from the ground up in terms of managing and maintaining heavy-duty fleets.


Nonetheless, enough about the “why” … let’s move to the “what”. What is the best equipment monitoring platform that can give both analytics of your equipment’s filters and PREDICT your maintenance? Well, there’s plenty of options in the market but not many that focus on your filters.


Senzit HD does this, and more.



Senzit HD – a key to uptime


Senzit HD’s predictive maintenance software is the pinnacle of heavy equipment telematics for fleet management and analytics. Senzit provides specialized air filtration monitoring, predicting the health and lifespan of said filters. Along with dust load percentage, this creates a pronoun overview of their customers’ heavy-duty fleets, allowing them to improve return on investment and equipment uptime.


Senzit HD also comes with a suite of telematic features such as branded alerts for resellers, location services (GPS), maintenance logging and reporting, and more. This suite is installable on any brand equipment, in any environment – allowing their customers to save money regardless of their location. The mining and aggregate industries fit perfectly into Senzit’s goals as an operating solution, therefore businesses in these sectors that partner with them almost achieve a “key” to profit and business success.





In conclusion, monitoring equipment analytics in the mining world is crucial, especially if businesses desire success and profit. There is no more time for paper-based tactics, long-waiting maintenance scheduling, and unplanned equipment downtime. In the competitive heavy-duty industry, companies need to stay on top of things – which requires the use of technology and digital monitoring. Don’t wait until your equipment breaks down on the job, invest in a solution that will save you time and money.


Make the switch today and watch your company grow exponentially. Senzit HD has you covered, both on and off the worksite with our mobile application and web dashboard.


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