Why maintaining air filters regularly is a MUST


Upkeeping your heavy-duty filtration systems is essential to the health of your equipment and its working longevity. Believe it or not, air filters are one of the most vital aspects of a machine’s engine, serving as a barrier to contaminants that may prohibit the equipment from working like it’s supposed to. Keeping your filters unclogged can help limit internal damage and visible problems such as sluggishness and smoke.


Let’s talk about why implementing proper air filter maintenance should be a priority for your business, and how being proactive can save you loads of time and money.


Protecting your engine is the #1 priority


The engine is the heart of your machine. If anything, look at it like this: to keep your heart healthy, you may take time out of your day to do some cardio or eat an extra fruit or vegetable a day. This little extra effort goes a long way over the course of your life and may be the determining factor for heart disease or a couple of extra years. Relating back to your fleet, taking a few extra steps to make sure your equipment’s engine is properly maintained can give it those few extra years of life or prevent potential breakdowns (like heart disease!). With this said, protecting the heart of your vehicle should be a priority.


Along with preventing corrosion or other disastrous problems to your engine, clean air filters give your equipment increased fuel efficiency – something especially useful in today’s times of inflated diesel prices and an overly-expensive economy. This becomes more important for fleets with larger and heavier equipment, as they require more fuel to complete work.


Now that we understand why keeping air filters properly maintained is crucial to equipment life and efficiency, let’s look at how we can do this and perhaps go over some best practices along the way.



Preventative maintenance leads to convenience


Convenience is highly sought out in the heavy-duty industry. Streamlining processes such as maintenance, fleet monitoring, and workflow is important to your business so you can focus on what matters – getting jobs or projects finished on time. As you may have heard, preventative telematics services are super helpful in finding this convenience. This is, without a doubt, how to keep your air filters maintained.


There are many services that provide an overview of your engine, equipment’s location, and other important factors of fleet management – but there is very few that focus on the air filtration system of your equipment. Digitalized straight to your fingertips – Senzit provides its air filter monitoring services straight from your phone or computer and gives you data-driven insights into dust-load percentage, air filter life, location services, and more. This is a perfect solution to keeping your engine properly (and routinely) maintained, allowing for less downtime and more time moving dirt.


With a little extra effort, you can optimize fleet management with a digitalized approach – something that is important for business success. Keep your filters clean and extend their life so you don’t have to spend too much time and money replacing them.


Going digital – the new approach


Worrying about your filters along with the many other responsibilities of being a fleet manager can be annoying. This is one of the many reasons why leaning on a third-party service is crucial to be both efficient and effective as a manager. With air filters being one of the leading causes of engine deterioration –work towards a better tomorrow by investing in technology.


Again, maintaining your air filters is a must. Whether it be through scheduling regular maintenance or tracking its life and capacity through an app – make sure to engage in preventive maintenance for the sake of your equipment and its operators. No one likes dealing with equipment downtime and faulty machinery. That’s why we recommend going digital and taking this new approach to fleet management!


Remember to treat your engine like it’s your heart, and you will find life much easier!



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