Senzit’s smart air filter monitor took its place among the CES 2018 Innovation Awards Honorees, garnering recognition in CES’s Vehicle Intelligence and Self-Driving Technology arena.

Only 15 other technologies earned this award as CES reserves this distinction for “[a] product or technology that scores above the threshold set for a specific category.”

It’s an event that confirmed what we already knew: Senzit isn’t an ordinary technology.

Thanks to condition-based monitoring, our smart air filter monitor gives fleet managers and technicians the ability to bring predictive maintenance to their heavy-duty fleets…perhaps for the first time.

Just what did it take for Senzit’s smart air filter monitor to make the cut?

CES reveals it uses five distinct criteria to determine the eligibility of each contestant for winning an award. According to CES, the evaluation process involves “an independent industrial designer, an independent engineer and a member of the trade press” who examine everything from a product’s visual appeal to its engineering.

No doubt, Senzit’s retrofittable design, fleet telematics, and real-time air filter predictions powered by machine learning contributed to its inclusion in the CES 2018 Innovation Awards Honorees.

Commenting on the achievement, Senzit’s Charles Vaillant noted, “