The landscape of heavy equipment air filter maintenance saw a big change at the 2017 Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo.

That’s because, on November 1, 2017, MANN+HUMMEL introduced Senzit to the world.

Like many of the products at AAPEX 2017, Senzit was a solution designed for air filtration. However, there was a big distinction between Senzit and other heavy equipment air filter products.

With the introduction of Senzit, heavy equipment air filter maintenance gained its first digital tool for condition-based monitoring. While organizations have traditionally lacked visibility into fleet dustloads, Senzit provides an accurate prediction for each filter’s remaining life thanks to real-time data and machine learning algorithms.

Senzit means that the era of preventative maintenance for heavy equipment air filters is over.

Referencing Senzit’s debut, MANN+HUMMEL’s CTO Charles Vaillant commented, “Through our collaboration with the exceptional engineering team at WIX Filters, we were able to bring this innovative new product to market. Fleet managers who were part of our test already have provided positive reactions, affirming ease of use and cost savings without sacrificing the quality and performance for which WIX Filters are known.”

Featured at the WIX booth, Senzit was available to AAPEX 2017 attendees for hands-on interactions. Expo participants had the opportunity to explore the Senzit app and view an air filter’s dustload percentage, a machine’s engine hours, and more.

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