18 and counting. That’s how many Senzits Overley’s Environmental and Industrial Solutions in Gilbert, Arizona is using to monitor the health and location of their fleet, according to David (Dave) Marlar, Overley’s Fleet Operations Manager.

Optimizing maintenance schedules isn’t just a topic at this company, it’s a serious initiative that means more uptime, more resources, and, more importantly, more profitability.

The Senzit team had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with Dave, learning how he maintains an incredibly profitable fleet while keeping an eye on ways to save money and time. Dave is the type of guy who works more hours in a day than seems possible, embodies an entrepreneurial spirit, and is a self-driven innovator.

He understands the long game off road and in the office.

Overley’s began as mom and pop shop in 1959 and has experienced exponential growth over the last 60 years.

According to the Overley’s website, “We’ve always been known as a trendsetter, providing our customers cradle-to-grave waste management and civil construction services. In recent years, Overley’s expanded its foothold further with the expansion of environmental services. One of Overley’s unique advantages is that we own over 400 pieces of equipment including excavators, loaders, backhoes, skid steers, water trucks, and semi-tractors equipped to haul roll-off containers, vacuum tankers, and end dump trailers.”

With a fleet of over 400, they support multiple industries and enabling real-world success stories – like extending the life of asphalt tanks to 30 years with their hydro blasters or leading the way in safety with a  new Experience Modifier Rating (EMR) of 0.76.

As the Overley’s Fleet Operations Manager, Dave is enabling these wins with a focus on adopting methods that promote a predictive maintenance program, cost savings, and, more importantly, and optimized fleet that has more uptime than ever. How is he doing this?

Years of industry experience and being an early-adopter to the Senzit technology. Dave is using Senzit to predict filter service by monitoring dustload in real-time, view equipment trip history with GPS, and confirming engine hours to continuously improve his existing maintenance program.

In Dave’s own words, “Today I installed the 18th unit and have been monitoring the accuracy and performance for nearly a year. So far, the units have proven to be extremely accurate and dependable in quality and performance.

The cost of the units has a very impressive ROI when compared to the sophisticated and costly filters of today’s modern engines. I can now view a dashboard to monitor my assets and set up notifications to alert me when a unit has reached capacity before changing the filter needlessly.

The GPS function of the Senzit unit has also proven to be very beneficial when locating my older equipment. Such as water trucks and yellow iron that don’t have ECU controlled engines. Most modern equipment relies on a 9-pin communication adapter to operate GPS systems, The Senzit is a stand-alone system that works very well on older as well as new machines. I would recommend this product to any owner-operator or fleet manager.”

Stay tuned, for a follow-up on Dave’s success and to see where Senzit has enabled in the coming months.

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