When it comes to air filter maintenance, many companies rely on instincts or a standard preventative maintenance program.

Don’t get us wrong.

The observations of an experienced mechanic can prevent engine failure.

And the preventative maintenance benchmark of engine hours has helped fleet managers keep their machines running smoothly for years.

But with the advent of intelligent air filter technology, relying on instincts and preventative maintenance isnt the best solution for your bottom line.

Ready to experience less downtime, more resources, and better efficiency for your machines? In this article, we’re explaining how intelligent air filter data can decrease your operational expenses.

Typical Air Filter Maintenance

Before we examine the advantages of intelligent air filter data, let’s take a quick look at the typical process for air filter maintenance.

Many companies log engine hours for their preventative maintenance schedule. When those hours reach the maintenance threshold, the equipment is brought into the shop.

If the air filter looks dirty (and it likely does), it’s replaced.

Perhaps you can relate. Youve had no choice but to rely on preventative maintenance practices—and what you or your mechanic can see. 

After all, operating a machine with an air filter at max capacity is risky business.

A single engine failure could cost tens of thousands of dollars. And common sense says it makes more sense to replace an air filter early…than to experience costly repairs, additional service hours, and loss of revenue-generating uptime.

The risk has outweighed the reward.

The good news is, there’s no need to settle for preventative air filter maintenance. Thanks to intelligent air filter data, you can increase efficiency with predictive maintenance for your fleet.

Senzit Intelligent Air Filter Monitoring

Intelligent air filter data reduces your reliance on in-the-field observations, engine hours, or historical practices for when to change your filter.

With a predictive maintenance tool that provides real-time data, there’s no need to replace an air filter that’s only 50% full…or plan service simply because that’s the way you’ve always done it.

Instead, you’ll gain visibility into the actual state of your air filter thanks to condition-based monitoring. And, at Senzit, we rely on machine learning algorithms to give actionable insights to your maintenance team.

Wondering how our technology provides smart air filter data? Here’s a quick overview of how Senzit works…

  1. After connecting the Senzit hardware to the machine, your Senzit will gather information on the dust in its surrounding environment. (Pro tip: It’s best to install Senzit outside the engine compartment.)
  2. Senzit then relays this information to our cloud, comparing it to information in our Senzit database. Constantly updated algorithms help Senzit interpret your data and provide accurate predictions in real time.
  3. If you open your Senzit portal or app, you’ll have an accurate picture of how much life your filters have until replacement.

The Benefits of Intelligent Air Filter Maintenance

When it comes to using predictive maintenance for your air filters, one of the biggest benefits you’ll experience is the impact to your bottom line. For instance, you can…

  • Give your machines more uptime thanks to reducing unnecessary service tasks.
  • Improve maintenance optimization as you combine air filter maintenance with other service visits.
  • Increase mechanic hours you can allocate elsewhere.

But there’s another benefit you should be aware of…

You’ll actually improve the performance of your air filter itself. That’s because a dirty air filter is more efficient than a clean one.

As an air filter collects dust particles, this creates a dust cake. A dust cake doesn’t mean that your air filter needs replacing. Rather, it actually serves to trap incoming dirt—improving the efficiency of your air filter.

But when you replace an air filter too soon, efficiency is wasted as your air filter now has to work harder.

With Senzit’s intelligent air filter monitoring, you don’t have to wonder whether that dust cake is normal…or whether your machine truly needs a new filter. You’ll simply consult your Senzit app to make a decision.

Start Improving Your Bottom Line with Senzit

You can start cutting maintenance costs when you leverage Senzit’s technology for your maintenance strategy.

And we’re making it even easier to get started with our spring promotion.

If you purchase 5 Senzits and onboard them before the end of June, you’ll get access to our premium subscription for 6 months—for free. This subscription includes cool things like setting custom alerts…or seeing a filter’s remaining life in real time.

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