Predictive Maintenance- Upgrading to a Modern, Digital Solution

In the year 2021, everyone loves smart products. Our homes have new friends like Siri, Alexa, and Google; our phones keep us productive in zillions of ways throughout the day, and artificial intelligence is rapidly growing. Artificial intelligence and smart machine learning are taking productivity to the next level. The heavy-duty equipment industry is at a crucial pivot point and Senzit is at the forefront of new technology. Preventive maintenance has had its time in the spotlight, but predictive machine learning is here to change it all, and here’s why you should upgrade.  

Predictive Maintenance for All Fleets: 

Senzit platform's dashboard on a desktop monitor and mobile device app.

*Pictured above: Our predictive maintenance platform dashboard. 

Predictive maintenance coupled with machine learning gives you a fleet management and telematics solution allowing Senzit to learn your machine operators’ behavior over time.  Not only does this save you from “over maintaining” equipment, such as changing filters prematurely or doing maintenance on intervals you haven’t met, but it also protects your equipment.  

As we all know, protecting your most valuable assets is essential to maintaining and growing a business. In our line of work, that’s our equipment! Setting up measures to protect, inform, and track your assets as they’re in operation is just smart business.  

Predictive maintenance relies on hard facts and data it gathers from the individual machine. This allows the fleet manager to schedule appointments when the equipment truly needs it. With this being said, our platform also warns you BEFORE required maintenance is needed, unlike some competitors which throw out a code at the time of service at which you’re already late for. Senzit’s machine learning capabilities and advanced programming allow you to have more accurate equipment management reporting, which will save you even more costs over time. 

Predictive maintenance is just one of the ways Senzit upgrades your business into the digital world. We send you alarms BEFORE maintenance is needed instead of reminding you after your backhoe has already loaded its filter with dust and dirt. These reminders can be customized to the lead time you want and can even prompt you to schedule service at your preferred dealer (ANY dealer). Other telematics services will only give you the option to schedule service at one of their franchised locations.  

Senzit prides itself on supporting all companies, no matter the size. That’s why mixed fleet capability is standard. Most of our clients have a fleet size of greater than 15, with 3 or more different brands; this is where the true value of Senzit shines. We understand that not every fleet will make up one brand name, that’s just silly. So if you’re looking for a tool to monitor your CAT front loader, CASE backhoe, or Hyundai excavator, Senzit might just be your solution. 

Toolbox of Useful Features– No Gimmicks Needed: 

Overley's customer spotlight image in front of truck.

*Pictured above: Overley’s customer spotlight. Click here to read their interview! 

We offer an array of other features and tools to help lower your costs too! Check out the graphic below. Advanced filter health monitoring is standard, arguably one of the most important upkeep factors of any piece of equipment. Our competitors don’t offer advanced filter monitoring as we do. While some may monitor the filter health only when an alarm is going off, that doesn’t do fleet managers any good when time is money! Senzit’s filter health tool is predictive and learns the more you use it. 

Senzit competitor analysis graphic.

Anti-theft tools can be used to monitor your equipment’s movement as wellYou can set operating hours from our platform and get notified when a piece of your equipment moves on Sunday.  

On top of these standard features, we offer a great number of resources and additional tools to help you in the process. A team of trained experts on Senzit’s machine learning and telematics platform is at your disposal when you need them most. We’re always just a phone call or email away! And you’ll never have to go through a dealer to get your questions answered.  

Our fleet management tools, utilization reporting, and location mapping are welcome extras to the toolbox you have with us. 

Senzit Home Dashboard showing top features to track on the desktop version.

*Pictured above: Our home dashboard with top used features ready to keep you productive and cut costs. 

Give Us a Test Run: 

There you have it, folks! Stepping into the digital world of fleet management isn’t as scary as you’d think. Our job at Senzit is to do the heavy lifting for you. “Set it and forget it” is one of our favorite mottos! But don’t take our word for it, test it out yourself! Sign up for a demo here. You’ll have a chance to see Senzit in action and get a more detailed report of what we can do for you.  

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