On November 15, 2018, Senzit added another award to its legacy—earning MANN+HUMMEL’s Innovation Award for its contributions to heavy equipment filtration.

MANN+HUMMEL is known as the global leader in filtration solutions and can boast a portfolio of brands including MANN-FILTER, WIX, and Purolator. However, MANN+HUMMEL’s leadership indicated that Senzit’s ability to capture real-time air filter data and provide predictive maintenance insights propelled Senzit’s technology to first place.

This award comes less than two years after Senzit became a CES 2018 Innovation Awards Honoree.

And since that award, Senzit’s innovation in heavy equipment filtration hasn’t stopped. Whether introducing enhancements to GPS tracking or prioritizing a strategic partnership, Senzit is continuously improving its technology to help organizations increase uptime for their heavy-duty fleets.

Tara Fusco, director of Senzit’s marketing activities, offered comments on the event, stating, “For years, knowing the remaining life of air filters has largely been guesswork. Preventative maintenance practices have dominated fleet maintenance, leading to inefficiency, which drains the bottom line.

“That’s changing with Senzit’s condition-based monitoring. Senzit shows real-time accurate information on an air filter’s dustload and remaining life expectancy. And our technology is getting smarter every day as it leverages machine learning algorithms. This innovation award was a tribute to how we’re bringing predictive insights to heavy-duty fleet maintenance.”

MANN+HUMMEL presented the award in its IoT Innovation lab  in Singapore. Organizations looking to optimize the maintenance of their heavy equipment filtration can learn more about Senzit’s innovative technology at www.senzit.io.