January 22, 2019, heralded an important day for Senzit’s continuing growth.

On this date, Sierra Wireless publicized an important collaboration that was in the works for months: Senzit’s parent company, MANN+HUMMEL, and Sierra Wireless were joining forces to take our predictive maintenance platform to the next level.

This alliance marked a strategic shift for Senzit.

In the news release, Sierra Wireless reported on our access to its AirVantage IoT Platform—a change that has improved how Senzit serves its clients.

As the organization pointed out, this means Senzit possesses “global coverage and remote operator provisioning capabilities.” Sierra Wireless explains that the Smart SIM card comes with a wider variety of networks—and the ability to self-select “the best available network” should lost connectivity occur.

This makes Senzit data more accessible to fleets across North America.

However, the alliance between Senzit and Sierra Wireless isn’t simply about improving the technology behind our smart air filter monitor.

As our Chief Technology Officer Charles Vaillant pointed out, it’s a shift that positively impacts our customers’ bottom line.

Charles noted, “By working with Sierra Wireless to add IoT connectivity to our solution, we’re helping fleet managers reduce downtime and save as much as $4,200 per machine, per year. Our customers have an average fleet size of 150-200 vehicles, creating significant savings that they can reinvest in their business.”